New ultimate team it will destroy just about every monster


ever since i jumped ship from monster to hunters when i bought sunny i declare the best team ever as,

sunny, maggie, caira, tulver? < i forget his name but he looks like dexter morgan

anyways the break down

sunny, shield, boost and nuke with maggie the monster can reach you without expecting some restraints perfect duo always stay near each other in high areas

caira, omg if the monster ever goes after her sunny can boost her out and plus the speed boost, that monster will never touch caira again and lets not forget the shield is in place too XD

as for our assault friend he is the best assault atm, BUT you need decent to great aim to use him soo be advice you cant do much damage with him if you cant aim it

thoughts? and how well has this combo served you,

leave likes if you got destroyed by this or you did the destroying enjoy :grin:

btw sorry monster players for abandoning you i just can’t pass up these free wins lol


I am calling him Tulver from now on. :+1:


Kraken. Not so ultimate team.


caira can aoe heal and with the shield from sunny and her boost to get ppl out of lightning strikes? how can you not see the power of the ultimate team

and the new patch just this second made kraken lighting strike slower, and goliaths leap 2 seconds slower lol


Aaah, Maggi… Used to think this was the amazing OP hunter. But now, I realize she really just provides pressure in the chase.

Maggi is cool, and I miss her. Her traps and Daisy were really nice. It really broke down the playing field and makes it super annoying to be the monster. But I really feel that Abe is a better choice. Then the monster has to be aware of what it eats.

Sunny is amazing. Not hard to lead a kraken and shoot it. Adding Maggi into the mix, and I wonder if you can offensively use the traps. Haven’t tried it.

Caira… those were the days. Seems everyone just spams snuff grenades now. Good choice, still considered the best healer.

I don’t know who Tulver is… But these days everyone is saying parnell or torvald is the winner… I highly suggest torvald. Torvald+Sunny jetpack boost = A10 Warthog.


Kraken says hello, I’ll smash any premade with him.




Inbe4 micropatch nerf.


New absolutism posts they will destroy just about every rational conversation.

Not exactly the best way to open a discussion, but I digress.

Yes T4 are pretty strong. The thing is, when you build a team to one specific strength, they generally leave another avenue to exploit!


I have used this combo with some friends and we wasted Goliath and Wraith; but Kraken and Behemoth have destroyed this combo. To off set the Kraken replace Tulver with Parnell. His range gets at the Kraken hard core. For the Behemoth I trade Maggie for Crow or Abe since there ability to slow the monster is amazing; since the Behemoth’s role seems a little unbalanced at the moment. That is just my opinion though.


The one guy is completly op cause he looks like David hasselhof

Wtf please calm down community whats wrong with you.

The one girl is op these Marge simpson dont know her name BUT i can say for sure she is op


I like Griff. Team kites him around, I harass with poons, saved more than my share of teammate ass last night alone.


Nah, Val’s where it’s at. Caira is cheese. Besides, even if this team is the “ultimate team”, it still looks pretty boring to play.


So maggie, the trapper that has been around the longest/most thoroughly tested is OP?

Please lend us your knowledge.


No matter, Kraken’s still a beast.


Never said he wasn’t :wink:


Iam not sure if you really miss my ironical voice


… GG

goes away to die


For some reason Tulver reminds me of hank scorpio from the simpsons.