New types of game mode ideas


I had an idea for a game mode or type of gameplay. If you had a type of mode like defend where the entire team can wipe but you don’t lose and keep respawning, you should spawn a new hunter in the class that died.
For example, if markov dies, the game should randomly send down one of the remaining assault hunters. Or something along those lines. To me that would be a bit more realistic and an interesting game mode. Plus as a player, you’d have to know how to use each Hunter.

Or even a mode like defend but for the monster to defend. Same idea, you kill one monster a different one respawns.

Obviously it needs more detail and substance LOL. But would be interesting to see if they can do something with this idea.


I like this.
feels like that character “dies” and makes defend feel like it has more to lose for hunters.
each class should have only 3 drops. incuding the one they start with.


Of course details need to be worked out but it just seems more realistic to me. Right now he dies and miraculously ends up on the drop ship.


Oh I agree with you 100 percent.
I just stated 3 per class because there are some who refuse to buy dlc or just can’t afford it.
to keep things fair for them and the monster it should be limited to 3


Or maybe that’s the default and if you have more hunters it incorporates them.


That would be unfair.


How would that be unfair? I see it as unfair to myself as well then. I pay for the content and can’t use it in this way because someone else doesn’t want to pay for it ?


Actually, after reading through this again, I think we are misunderstanding eachother.

I believe you meant that each class should get only 3 deaths, no matter how many hunters you have on your roster. I agree with that. But it should use all of your hunters when it randomly picks your next drop in Hunter.


I don’t think it should be random.
You can use any 3 you want out of the characters you own.