New type of cheat? (video added)


There’s a certain group of players I sometimes get placed into skirmishes with, and up until today I thought they were just really good, but after being beaten by them super easily for 2 times, I got suspicious and recorded the third fight. There was one of them in particular, playing Slim, who was able to keep his team’s health on 80%+ health all the time no matter what. And, I saw him spamming the healing blast every second, but turns out Slim can actually do that. But during watching of the video I made, I noticed something else.

This players was not affected by knockback. Not at all. I was playing Behemoth, he was Slim. I kept rolling/heavy attacking him constantly, and not for 1 second was he interrupted from spamshooting his bug gun. He did kinda ‘move backwards’ when I’d hit him, but he’d stay in a normal position and wouldn’t be interrupted at all.

When ever I get focused by a monster in such a way, I can not move/jetpack/shoot/use abilities at all, but this player clearly had no problem doing that. Full Behemoth heavy/roll/heavy and there is not a moment when he stopped spam firing. At one point he got hit by Lava Bomb, and it did push him away, but he still kept shooting without any problem and his character didn’t do the usual ‘flying away after a blast’ animation(like Sunny, who got hit by the exact same blast and was the same distance away from center).

Did anyone else encounter this?


Pay special attention to: 0:09, 0:14, 0:20, 0:39.


I think everyone will want to see a video to see if something is fishy or not :confused:


This is one of those cases where we need a video or it didn’t happen if you get what I mean.


I like big slanty letters :slight_smile:


Uploading a video, but my upload speed is horrible so it’ll take some 15 minutes.



Pay special attention to: 0:09, 0:14, 0:20, 0:39.

I never encountered this from any other player. Usually a heavy attack will knock a player away at least 5 meters and disable them for a full second or more.

At one point you can actually see the player hit by heavy attack jetpack up and the heavy attack, even though he was punched during take off, does nothing to knock him back, just deals its damage.


Hmmm not sure exactly you gonna need someone else opinion.What i know tho is at least at 0:39 he got knocked back and he hit a wall.The distance was minimum so that might stopped him from taking a good knockback.


Yeah, but it didn’t interrupt him at all. Then on 0:43 you can see him jetpack up and a heavy attack does only damage, but no knockback. Normally, that would send a player flying away from the monster and interrupt a jetpack dodge.


If you hit a wall you have to get boots on the ground to “restabilize” before you can fire again, it actually looks like somethin fishy is goin on.
@Awoken, is it just this medic or all of the hunters that are resistant to the knockback?


I was always focusing medic, so I noticed it most on him. Can’t say anything about the others. The fact that at one point on Distillery I had him solo in a cave and he was able to jetpack and run out without being knocked back by my constant attacks hitting his back is what made me suspicious in the first place. It’s also worth noting that it was a medic who ran into the cave to flush me out, while the other 3 waited outside. Why would the most important and squishy person of a skilled team run into a deathtrap? Unless he knew he can get out again.

Also, what Quirkly said. This guy was always able to jetpack right out of any sort of attack, even during attack or right after being hit by an ability with knockback. In one game, he even got hit by my Rock Wall, lvl 3, and he didn’t get knocked up. He took damage, but stood in the exact same spot he was before the wall hit, just ‘slid’ out of the way.


@MrStrategio (hopefully the right guy lol), has there been any other reported “incidents” that could be behemoth bug related, or is this a hacks thing that is newly arriving?


I doubt it’s a Behemoth bug. Unless it’s a very specific bug that targeted the exact same guy 3 times in a row and not a single person before.


no hack there, people can still shoot you while “stunned”. Try behemoth and use the roll-x against Torvald and you will see he will still shoot at you and use his shield while you pound him.


False, while stunned you cannot shoot, jetpack or revive teammates, thats the point of the stun


What Quirkly said. You can shoot in between stuns, but not WHILE stunned. Try to shoot or use JP next time Kraken’s Vortex knocks you back or after being hit by Goliath’s Rock Throw. Heavy attacks also do the knockback.


Prolly a bug then. I heal myself as Caira all the time while getting vortex’d/roll-x’d


The roll/attack spam is cheesey but I don’t blame you since his weakspot’s bugged. That did look really fishy though. I’m on a phone so it’s a bit hard to tell but it did look like they weren’t being staggered.


You’re complaining about not being able to use an exploit, to stun lock a hunter until they die? ^.-


Shiiin, you didnt watch the vidyah, he was using normal heavy attacks and abilities and the hunter didnt recoil, thats noooot allooooowed


Neither is knocking back a hunter 50 times in a row, not allowing them to use their jetpack to dodge/avoid any attacks.

I feel no sympathy for this.

He was using normal heavy attacks? He was using only heavy attacks. He’s supposed to be using light attacks, but he’s exploiting to get nothing but heavy. That was not intended.