New Tutorial Structure should be Grounded on the Trapper


So I’m continuing to dabble in Training Mode and I came to the realization that you learn the most about the game by playing Trapper for the following reasons:

  1. The Trapper’s initial phase is actually part of the core unique gameplay of EVOLVE - finding and tracking the Monster.

  2. Trappers have somewhat decent primary weapons which means they can also take over some aspect of the Assault Tutorial on using primary weapons.

  3. The Trapper is actually the most basic combat character. Trappers do not cast shield or healing in Dome combat so in Training, one focuses on Jet Pack management, watching Monster and Team positions, and knowing when to deliver damage. These can ease players eventually to knowing the basics of Jet Pack escapes and Dome survival before trying a more aggressive role as Assault.

  4. The Trapper casts a debuff on the Monster to help teammates. This can serve as a soft introduction to the more overt Team Support abilities of Medic and Support.

My personal experience so far is that I missed out on basic Jet Pack and Dome tactics because I played Assault, Support, and Medic too early and too aggressively and I was becoming reliant on Healing and Shields as a crutch - The Trapper makes me “stick to basics” and focus on Monster finding which I think is something fundamental to the game’s enjoyment.


All class types and Monster overall deserves a nice tutorial. With the nice huge flood of returning and new players, it would be nice to introduce all these new players to the game. The points you are making are pretty spot on but it definitely would require a lot of work.

Jetpack and dome tactics definitely should be included especially since jetpack management and dome placement is extremely game changing as a hunter. And trappers are interesting because you can develop a sense of self intuition. But it would help to see the stepping stones too.

Great mention I will always support seeing some assistance for performance improvements whether it be tutorials or exercises.It is very important for games to have some sort of clarity on “how to play this”.


Yes… Of course all Hunter classes are important. But I noticed there’s a difference between EVOLVE and other games.

For example, in another squad based shooter I immediately played Medic and actually scored a lot of team wins without ever learning how to shoot. Used a grenade-focused Objective specialist next and still got by without learning anything with little penalty in match losses.

EVOLVE is different because across all classes you need to know how to read tracks, monster signs, and jet pack evade. The one class for which those are more critical than the others for lack of a “crutch” (Shields or Healing) is the Trapper.

I’m sure TRS will build a battery of Training programs, but I felt in hindsight, starting us off with big macho Markov and thinking: “Yeah! I tank monster!” sort of gave some of us bad habits I think. :slight_smile: