(New TRS Logo?) Because I hate 'Impact' SOOO much


I made a “new” logo for TRS! (Without that accursed Impact font) :smiley:


Basically, I replaced the base font (Impact) with Futura Black Condensed to give it a bit more of a modern and unique look that carried a weight that was similar to the thickness of the turtle.

Then, to compliment the geometric sans-serif logo font, I used a serif and italicized font for the ‘studios’ portion, and placed it “in” the black line to create some whitespace conflict.

So whatcha think!? Better? Worse? I think we can all agree that Impact has had its day, no? Can it go the way of Comic Sans and Brushscript?

… Oh, and I like ‘B’. Might try aligning it to the left/right rather than centered, but I think it has a good pop from the logo font used.


Oh, and “Yes”, I also thought about giving the Turtle shades… cause… well, shades are cool.



A’s the best, don’t know why lol :smile:


You sound like me in front of art. I’ll say things like “I like THIS best… but I don’t think I can tell ya why!” :smile: I get that. Maybe ‘A’… with shades?


Just glad it wasn’t a fez. Doctors are cool. Fezzes are not :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea maybe because of the shades, no idea xd


tbh, none.
While I agree Impact might not be an exiting font, it does its job as font very very well. Im more of a fan of Nexa. The logo is of geometric nature, why would you pick a “fancy” font ?

Anyways, not to be a hater of your work, but here’s what I think :

A : no. just no.
The font doesnt fit to the geometric aspect of both the turtle itself and the main name + it has almost all letters connected to each other in a way. Out of the three it is my if-i-had-no-other-choice-but-to-pikc-one-of-those. It has decent thickness but some inconsistencies

B : ugh, horrible
Suffers the same problem as A, while having more problems than it.
Its alot more invasive into the text above. Font A just cut off black off the “T” too much, this one basically makes the bottom part of the “L” vanish.
The “t u d”-part sticks together too much and needs some space inbetween for good readibility and the “d i” distances is way too big. Yet another looking-good-at-first-reads-like-shit-when-passing-or-from-far-away font.

  • the “o s” seem to have bonded and want to have little baby letters soon.

no no no no


just ugh… NO

Zoom out a bit, youll see why. Whoever made this had not wasted as single thought for readability. I want to scream and yell and throw chairs at its creator

As for your font choices : Ask yourself :
Would I read a whole book in that font and not have my eyes bleed afterwards ?


You shouldn’t base heading font faces on whether you’d use that font face for the body/copy of text. Kind of a Design 101 Faux Pas. All fonts become unreadable at a certain zoomed out factor. Font “pairing” is a popular mechanic in typography where you compliment the other font’s characteristics by ones that are not exactly the same.

Thanks for the feedback.


What’s wrong with Comic Sans–

(gets shot)


Er…nothing. It just works best when the font color and background match. :smiley:


Oh no! Font snobbery rears its ugly head! :wink:
Back when the logo was designed, Impact was a perfectly viable choice!

The shades made me smile.


Make the font small piles of skulls that the monster feasted on :smiley: Problem solved!


Well, font snobbery is the 3rd leading cause of redesigns…

Behind kerning yearnings and heavy offset dropshadows.


Get some badass TIMES NEW ROMEN and pray to the holy turtle for forgiveness. Maybe it will spare your kids…
No, honestly, there is nothing more stylish than TNR. These tiny letter sockets and sharp corners with clean edges. It’s just so damn masculine.


TNR’s definitely got timeless class. I like Trajan Pro as an alternative, but that ‘Q’ is freaking crazy!


I didn’t read anything on this thread :smiley: … how can font matter enough for this?


What the font are you talking about!??! :smile:

If font faces aren’t your cup of tea, then I guess as far as discussions go, it’s not your type.

…get it.

not your ty…forget it, I thought it was funny.


This thread was worth the read just for the shades. lol

Please implement, TRS.


Hmmmm, I dunno.

Does “Wingdings” still exist? That’s my favourite font. xD


I wasnt talking about mixing serif and sans-serif fonts, but the usage of italic which looks bad imo, and I am aware of all fonts becoming less and less readable the further away you go lol, my main concern is ease of reading / recognition value when just passing by.
There are plenty geometic-looking serif fonts you could try out. And maybe position them a little bit lower

@YouGotBrained not so much as being of importance rather than Impact being… used… a lot…