New TRS Game, New IP


So I saw that the guys at TRS are working on a New Game with a complete New IP
Which is nice

But I think TRS are having a huge problem, because Everybody Blame them for how Evolve Was marketed and how it was full of “microtransactions” and “lacking content”, Some of the hate is understandable, some is blind dumb people hating just because they think it will bring justice to the world hate TRS.

So at least for Evolve 02 will have a horrible hard time to break the hate, And the New IP will bring some stigmas as well…
On any case, what kind of Game would you want it to be.

For my part, I played for a long time a Beta game call “NOSGOTH”, It was great, it was a 4v4 vampires vs humans, it had a L4D vibe, but with an matchmaking rules, It had classes and was asymetrical. It was great, But it took to long to develop, and Square Enix pretty much shutted down the project, killing it and stealing everybodies money.

The vampires feature alot of features seen in TRS games, Hunter like creatures, climbing walls, Tyrants, Chargers, area of effect, CD.

And now that Square Enix Kill nosgoth because they dont know how of a unique great game it was, I would like to see somebody else do a game of this style.

Here some old videos i took

With a dark theme, it could be like “gothic monsters vs human monster hunters” or something of this feel.

Who knows, it maybe will be another FPS, Do anybody knows any better if there is better clues of what this New IP could be?


There is a whole thread on the IP so lemme find it:



@XplosionIncorporated is correct, feel free to discuss the new IP in the topic he shared. :slight_smile:


Personally I feel Nosgoth failed because the early access folks needed to buy the game and there wasn’t a ton of people in it and the balance issues were never fixed. The overall game wasn’t bad, but it needed a lot more balance and polish. Stacked teams and no rank with a small of players kills of a lot of interest as teams aren’t balanced etc… I did enjoy a decent amount of it for what it was though.