New trapper



I was just wondering if there are any new hunters coming any time soon…and if TRS already has ideas for them…
So in thought of that i was thinking of ideas for a new trapper…

Name: Johnny

Looks: kind of a fat dude with a sick black beard (cause bearded hunters are just awesome and there are no fat guys on the team yet, except for hyde maybe…xD)
He wears a greenish/beige kind of body plate with shorts and army boots.
Just to give you an impression of this bad-ass…

Track: flying black tracking drone that can fly by it self in the direction the hunter points out but highlights anything the monster could have left behind…like footprints, eaten wildlife but even broken trees so the sneaking monsters must be extra sneaky not to be seen.
This is kind of a combination of bucket’s uav, crow’s gobi and jack’s survey satillite but balanced ofcourse…
It’s traversel will be faster than the hunters but alot slower than gobi but when it finds the monster it keeps tracking it untill it is out of battery’s. So if the monster is far away it will have a shorter tracking time then when the monster is nearby.

Weapon: a semi automatic crossbow with a clip of 5 arrows that do significant damage but are hard to aim with. It will give that good old fashioned ‘hunters-feeling’.

Movement limitation:
It fires a cannon up in the air that throws a digital net over the monster when aimed correctly (aim works kind of like torvalds mortar fire)
It actually just shoots 4 pins in the air and the 4 pins connect with the digital net wich has a purple glow over them (since that is mainly used for movement limitation abilities like the stasis gun from crow and stasis grenade from abe).
He can also place these pins in the ground when not directly aimed at the monster so that if the monster walks over it, it will trigger the trap.

Works like always

Please share your thoughts about this idea and how it can be improved…this is just a setup ofcourse ;D


Here’s where all the ideas go.


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