New Trapper Jack Viable in comp

Hey just giving my opinion and thoughts on the new trapper, Jack and want to see if other people think hes vaible in comp play?

I think hes a great trapper that is definatly up there with the other 3 regularly played trappers (excluding crow) and that he will be played competitivly often like Maggie, Abe and Griffen.

His tracking ability is very nice as it scans quite a lare area, not sure the exact distance but i know its above 60m, it sees tracks and dead bodies which is very effective, monsters will have to travel further to eat and will have to sneak for longer if they want to try that starting strat. And the satallite actually does damge, and a nice chunk at that, so can be used offensively in domes.

His Repulser is a very nice CC ability the range is long and it has a nice beam effect on the monster like with hanks sheid, capacity is a bit small but the effect is pretty strong. Could work great with hanks orbital strike and torvalds mortors. And can also be used defensivly to protect other hunters, could be used with Laz to give him that small amount of time needed to rez a body. This ability definatly takes some skill and pratice to use effectivly. Kraken is definatly the best counterpick to this ability, although it works very well at stopping a kraken from dropping down with an aftershock.

His duel pistols are very accurate, even when firing at a fast rate, i play on xbox and i can get consistant headshots with them so on PC they should be even better.

I feel like reload to is the best perk for this trapper, buts thats just my first impressions, all of his abilities benifit from this perk, his Survery satellite and Repulser are things you want to be using often and the dome cooldown is obviouly very good with this perk.

Try capacity.
It will change you


Yes. Capacity. Or move speed if you are up against a very evasive Wraith.
But mostly capacity.

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Capacity is my go to perk for him. I never seem to run out of repulor, as long as I don’t deplete the whole battery. Movement speed sounds fun, because of his passive to run at full speed while firing.

Capacity is omg

Jack is so good compared with other trappers

Crow & Abe only slow the monster

but Jack can paralyzed the monster and take away some abilities

but against Kraken . he is bad

jack is awesome against every monster.

3 sec breathing room to heal ureself/ure support up is enought to be almost op