New Trapper Idea, Thoughts?


Alek: African American, Tactical look
Skill One: Hand Cannon
Large accurate, hand gun with a ten round magazine does medium light damage. Reloads near instantly.
Skill Two: Aerial Drone
Throws a drone that will fly in a path until it runs out of fuel ( Quick ) if the monster was at all in the drones line of sight the drone will report a positive sighting of the monster, does not reveal a location. Recharges mildly quick.
Skill Three: Traquilizer Cannon
Shoot a long ranged tranq that lasts longer than Val’s but recharges slightly slower.


these are cool ideas but sound to similar to what we already have.


The hand cannon might as well just not have a reload if it’s almost instant. This sounds like Abe’s shotgun without the spreading effect and a faster reload.

Drone a far, FAR less effective version of Bucket’s UAV.

Tranq cannon is a modified Val tranq.

These abilities are bastardized versions of existing abilities and weapons. There’s nothing new or fresh here. No offense, my friend, but this idea doesn’t hold water.