New Trapper Character Idea


My idea of a new Trapper class.

Hawk: This guy is going to have a Native American theme going on. Aside from carrying the mobile arena, his main weapon is a bow. Aesthetically, he’ll have a mohawk, war paint on his face, tribal tattoos, and tribal attire, with some futuristic touches to it.

Gameplay Style: The style of Hawk is centered around mobility. More mobility than any character in the game. Below are his tools and their description.

Bow: Hawk’s custom bow fires two types of ammunition. Fire arrows do little initial damage. However, they do damage over time. You can stack up to five arrows for longer effect. Fire arrows also create a fire trail. The trail is relatively short, but it covers ground that the hunters can follow, and leaves behind burned vegetation. The fire arrows are Hawk’s main tracking tool, and damage dealer.

Grapple Arrow: Hawk can fire a grapple hook with his bow, and zip straight to the point he shot to. This is what makes Hawk such a mobile character. The range of the hook is not very long.

Net: Hawk can fire a net at the monster during fight. The net doesn’t slow down the monster, but it restricts his strikes, making them do less damage. Much like Griffin’s harpoon gun, the net is held for as long as the player hold it down, or until the monster breaks its connecting rope.


Like the grapple arrow idea. He has a lack of tracking tool (dart gun, Daisy, soundspikes) but I think the grapple arrow is a good counter to that as it replaces tracking methods with the ability to get around the map quickly. And would be the perfect trapper to close the distance and get the Dome down. Cool idea man.