New to the forums but I got a question


What happens when you get 3 star skills? I was told you can swap skills with other hunter…like Griffen can use Abe tracker gun. I want to know is it true and where is the proof


Not true. Three stars means you unlock skins.


That’s not true, you get the elite skin for the weapons and a crown next to your name when you select them in a lobby.


I appreciate information. And its just weapons skin, not weapon and body?


Hunter skins only change the weapons yes, the body stays the same.

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I appreciate the welcome and it sure would be nice if it was body skin as well


Once you reach three-star mastery in all equipment for a certain character, you unlock their “Elite Skin” which retextures their kit. It isn’t a body skin because it would throw the Monster off- even a slight color change will do this, so it isn’t balanced- and it’s sort of pointless. You look at your weapons a lot. Your body, far less so.

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They didn’t do hunter skins because then you couldn’t appreciate your own skins and even then, how often do you look at the skins of other players (monster excluded). The skin is for you, not your teammates