New to evolve


Hi guys i just bought this game yesterday and love it i am reading rhere are new maps available i cannot find them anywhere on psn or in game any suggestions. Also would love to play with regulars my psn is legendkiller2506


That means there are new maps in rotation in public matches. You don’t have to play them specifically anywhere. They’ll just randomly show up, just like any other map.


Thank you buddy


Hey legend I’m on PSN as well :smile:
Add me xino_zero
and Welcome to the community


Brilliant will add you later when im on although very new only level 9 and still learning all characters :sweat_smile:


Thats fine :slight_smile:


PLZ put the RAGE QUIT ratio DOWN !! :smile:


I’m glad the community is growing!!! The game only gets to be more of a blast the more you get into it, and these forums are so packed with helpful information. :smile:


Lol dont like to rage quit


Thanks for the welcome guys i will keep a look out for you all :smile:


add me on psn hohoho479


im hohoh479 ps4


Will do buddy


I already had you added :wink:


More People have converted! Good! :smiley:

I’m GrimDragonEvolve on PS4 :wink:


Add me, n ill help get you up to speed real quick. whether ur a casual player(for now) or competitive which in the later stages you will be if ur into it. im always on and practicing with all players of all levels of experience from the casual to the MLG level. Add me on psn ITZRACE


Cheers buddy i will be on around 7.30pm to 8.00pm you have headset?


I sure do. cant play without it


what time zone you in?


Im in uk so bst (british summer time) as we speak its now 17.54 pm