New to Evolve & Forum- Is Evolve that bad?


Purchased Evolve today due to it being so affordable on Xbox and my long time interest in the game. A lot of people were hating on Evolve on the Bungie forum but I decided to ignore them and convince a couple of my friends to purchase the game too.

Is the Evolve community and game that bad currently?
Is it difficult for new players? I am going to play with a group of new players mostly I believe and just rotate monsters.

Edit: Awesome sounds good. My Gamertag is Chuks 187 (with a space I believe.). I’ll be playing in the evenings and weekends from Ohio.


First, welcome to the forums and the Evolve Community!

I can’t speak for everyone, but we have a very friendly and dedicated community here. We love the game, sometimes to a fault. :slightly_smiling:

Evolve has a steep learning curve, but there are many people here that are more than willing to show you the ropes if you’re willing to learn.


I think I ninjad you first.

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Not really. It’s actually pretty decent atm.

Evolve community is pretty good.

Evolve isn’t a bad game. Misinformation and preconceived notions kind of brought it down a few notches, but it’s still a great game with a sizable player base.

It’s not too difficult, though, you should probably play with a team first and foremost so you can learn the basics.

I’m down for playing with you whenever! GT Rapterror9

Have a good day!


First off, welcome to the forums. :slightly_smiling:

Take a look at this thread to get you used to what’s what around here.

I think if you stick around then you’ll see how awesome this community and the game really is. As mountain said, there are plenty of people here who will happily help you with any game related troubles.

I hope you and your friends do stay for the long run, as seeing more people join both the game and the forum is really promising. :slightly_smiling:


Hey chuks, if you guys want a experienced player to show you the ropes, I’m on Xbox as well.

my GT is SQUARE Necron

Feel free to add and send a message so I know its you :slight_smile:


If you’re playing with a group of new players it’ll make the experience a whole lot more fun as you’ll be learning together. The monster player will likely, to start with, feel like they are over powered. It’s natural at the beginning for the monster with its hard hitting abilities to feel like it’s impossible to stop when it’s fully armoured up.

But soon after that you’ll start to work the game out as hunter players, and things will even out a lot. The learning curve with some of the characters, especially ones like Lazarus and the monster Kraken, can be pretty steep.

This game is one that is perfect for people that really like the old school view on games, where you need to put time in to learning it rather than bringing skills from other games and just being able to dominate easily straight away. You’ll put 200 hours in to this game if you enjoy it and still feel like you’ve not got close to mastering more than one character, and that can be pretty exciting I think :slightly_smiling:

And don’t worry about talk about the community, for a start I feel that our community is very friendly both on forums and in game by comparison to other games, and there are also still enough people around right now that finding games at peak times during the day (US and EU at least) isn’t a problem if you do break away from playing with your friends only.

You’ll be tempted to try Hunt 2.0 at one point, this is the “ranked” mode, but it’s not a ladder that you’re meant to climb, but if you find yourself trying to play that mode and not finding players don’t worry, it does have some issues with other players not using that mode as much as Quickplay, and you’ll find games much more easily by using the Quickplay mode at these times :smiley:


Just some quick bullets here:

  • The learning curve is a learning mountain. Prepare for 100h+ until you grasp everything and another 200h until you can polish your gameplay to be good :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Prepare to lose a LOT to monster players outside your friends circle. Do not let that discourage you at all.
  • You will lose to Kraken A LOT ! Do not mind it at all. Kraken is broken and will offer you nothing to built on at its current state. Just move on to the next game :wink:
  • Try to play with other people and WATCH and LEARN how they play each class.
  • Observe how more experienced players dodge, move, etc
  • Use a mic to communicate with others, ask people anything you are wondering about and have an open mind to receiving orders or suggestions from more experienced players :wink:

Welcome and hope you enjoy this game, it really is a marvelous game but needs time to spend on grasping and enjoying, it is not the average ‘‘lets kill 10-15 minutes’’ game :wink:


Really looking forward to it. Any suggestion on what character to start out as? I have been reading the bios and I know each character seems to vary a lot.

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You should just give them all enough of a try to get the 1 star in at least two weapon or abilities. After that you’ll get a great sense of which characters you most enjoy.

That said i think you’ll find that Val, bucket, Maggie and Hyde are initially very reliable and easy to pick up characters, so you’ll probably get a lot of mileage out of them early on


I personally believe assault is the easiest to get a basic grasp of. Shoot the monster. And from there you can watch how the others work the ins and outs of their roles.

The name of the role is what your priority should be.
Assaults shoot the monster.
Medics heal
Supports help teammates
Trappers trap the monster and hinder its movements.

Don’t be the medic who thinks they should be doing damage as a priority for example.

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Hello welcome to forums ! :slightly_smiling:

Make sure to try Wasteland Maggie with Movement speed perk. She is easiest trapper to use :slightly_smiling:
Also Rogue Val is new player friendly, because she is passively healing everyone around and when focused she can full heal herself with healing burst.
From assaults, Hyde is your choice and fro Supports … Hmm probably Hank

Also dont get frustrated when you will get beaten often. Evolve is bit harder to learn, but once you will get into it you and your friends will have fun times , fingers crossed


Do different skins affect your player? Or like are their subclasses when you select “Wasteland” Maggie? Sorry not sure how to describe this I’m at work and haven’t played yet.


Skins have no effect. Adaptations like Wasteland Maggie, Meteor Goliath, etc are variations on their original counterparts. They play differently.


Is chuks187 your GT?


Actually this is not accurate in my humble opinion.

I will tell you some things on how I started working on getting better when I got started, each person is different but maybe i will help you here and there with a couple of things.

So, Assault class needs you to be focused on monster and this will turn all your attention to the Monster and your survivability. To me it is the class that lets you see what the other players are doing less than any other Class.

In terms of which class lets you observe other people better for starters and progress it would go in the following order:
(1) Trapper —> (2) Support ----> (3) Medic -----> (4) Assault

(1) Trapper : For me you will get a grip of how to track the monster (hearing more important than seeing), and when you dome the monster you can get as far from monster in safe distance and start interacting. Trapper class will allow you to interact with the monster when you feel you are safe to do so(attack it , slow it etc), you will start to see how people dodge and use the jetpacks, when they heal you , when they cloak you, when they shield you and you will have to do some dodging yourself of course.It is a very nice intro to me, especially Maggie.

(2) Support : Takes you further down to a more active role during the dome phase of the game. You will have to start positioning yourself in line of sight with teammates, time your shields and abilities and the cloak will always be there as a ticket out of a tough situation (depending how good you use it). You will always have to watch your team and react to their decisions , that will sharpen your grasp of positioning.

(3) Medic : All the gameplay style perks of Support class in terms of getting to interact and observe, learn and react to your team without the invisibility perk. You will have to do some serious dodging of monster attacks as well as having to work with support to be able to survive by coordinating with his cloak or other abilities.

(4) Assault : Assault class narrows it down to watching and having the monster in your crosshair and watch out for your health. Get aggressive if you have shield, get some distance when it is in recharge. It is the class that will allow you to observe and learn from your teammates less than any other class so I suggest you get at it as later on as possible.

Once again I am neither describing how to play each class or saying which class is easier to start and play with, I am only describing which order helped me more to observe what other people do while letting me play and get better myself.

Try it out tell me what you think a couple of weeks later maybe :wink:


you should pick the class that fits your personality.


im basically always telling people that they can succeed, even if they can’t because they maybe look like sarah mclachlan?

so i play medic.


Welcome to Evolve! Your getting some pretty solid advise here already :wraith: … Tips or advise I have are…

Every player is different, and every character in this game is so unique the only way for “you” to find the best character is to just try them… As another person has stated, work on getting at least 1 star in every weapon/ability for every character so you get an idea of how they play… Watch the tutorial and advanced tutorial videos for each character in the EXTRAS menu to get an idea of how to properly use that character… Then pick the characters that suit you best… Or pick a role you like best and explore and one stars those characters abilities first…

Monster advise…
At stage 1, get as far away from your starting location as possible, then start killing animals and eating as fast as u can, don’t linger in any spot for to long as the hunter WILL be right on your ass in most cases… If you do get caught in a early dome, your not going to want to take the fight to hunters much, only until your armor runs out, or you find Hunter out of position… Stage 2 is when you can start to think about fighting…

Hunter advise… Pushing the right thumbstick in leaves pings on the map, these are a visual reference point everybody can see, USE THESE OFTEN…Also thing to know…

Medic: Priorty is teammates, so pay attention mostly to your team health… Also know that your high on monster “who do I kill list”, without healing team won’t last long at all, so you will be running for life a lot!

Support: Priorty is also teammates, support characters generally buff the other hunters in some regard, this should be your focus in most cases, but also have strong damage too…they are Lower on the “who do I kill list” then medic (unless your really doing a good job)

Trapper: Priorty is the monster, the team will rely on your tracking ability to help find the monster, everybody is searching for monster, but your job is to dome them… Controlling monster movements and damage are you focus in dome… you will most likely be the top of “who do I kill list” as killing you frees monster, so you will be running for life a lot also…

Assault: Priorty is the monster… Most straight forward role, your job is to put as much hurt on monster as possible… You are bottom of “who to kill list” monsters won’t be focusing you until they are staged up with armor, or they know you used your Personal Shield already…


As a hunter if you got a crappy team and a flee till 3 then its bad boring and annoying but if you got a good team and a monster that fights its fun. Playing the monster is always fun so ya overall i would say the game is fun lol

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Yeah Chuks 187

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