New to evolve, cant find games, thinking about refunding?


I’ve heard there is the option to refund games on steam if you don’t like it if you have played less than 2 hours.

I actually do like the concept and want to try the game but i cant find any online game. Is the player base too small for this already? Does it matter I live in South-Africa? (connection wise).

I do not care for playing against bots only and won’t play this game if I can’t play it online. Is it just me not being able to find a game, am i doing something wrong or is the player base too small?


People in Europe and North America don’t seem to generally have issues finding games, so there are potentially problems for those in other regions, especially due to being out of sync in timezone terms.

However TRS say they are in the midst of a few things that they’re hoping will bring the player numbers up.

Edit: Don’t follow my advice on Steam refunds!


i normally connect to EU servers for other games where the player base it not huge. I don’t have an option to choose here so i’m assuming it will try to find games there too for me? or will it rule those out because of a ping setting or something


I don’t know the details exactly, hopefully someone more knowledgeable can help more. My understanding is that it attempts to connect locally and then will search further afield if it can’t get a game, which can give the feeling of a long delay.

Edit: I don’t know if hunt is better in this regard compared to quickplay.


As I recall steam refund is usable as long as you have played the game for less than two hours and it’s been less than 14 days since your purchase.

It might help you to change your steam download region to a more crowded one (preferably also as close a possible to yourself). You do this by opening steam > click “Steam” in the top left corner of the launcher > Click settings > look under Downloads > find Download Region and change that to something else.
This will probably make your ping go up a bit, but give it a go and see if you can find game and if it’s playable for you.


Ah if that’s the case then fair enough!


Two weeks owning the product or two hours playtime. You need to be within both those conditions to have an approved refund. Past two weeks or two hours playtime and they won’t refund the purchase.


How long you wait in the lobby?


i tried for 10 minutes on hunt and for 10-15 min on quickplay


thanks Niaccurshi and bloodish but unfortunately changing the download folder did not help :(.
think i’m too late for refunding too since i bought it 4 weeks ago but it didnt work until i updated windows.


How I see you are on PC. So I am from Germany and if I go Quick-Play it takes not longer than 2 - 3 Minutes.

If I go for Hunt alone what you never should do :smiley: - It can take a while. If you wanna play Hunt search three friends and go in a party.

Maybe try a Europe VPN just for testing.


I’m not telling you to change your download folder, but your download region. For example, if you change this from South African to german, you will get matched with players in that region. :slightly_smiling:


Not to discredit Evolve or anything, but the playerbase is not in the best shape right now. It might not be that much better in the coming months either. It’ll jump back up for a while when TRS releases something new.

If you’re planning on staying with the game I’d advise you to play during peak hours then it’ll be much easier to find games. Typically around 6-9 pm GMT if you’re in EU. Add those you find enjoyable to play with during your first few games and ask them to play with you. That could also reduce the search time for players.


that’s what i meant :slight_smile: just a typo.


There’s still some contestation over whether download region does all that much, I know some feel it helps but others don’t see a benefit.

Right now it is 2pm my time, I don’t know what it is for you, but usually the best time to play is 4pm-10pm, so in about 2 hours from now.

The other thing is to see about who else around these forums might be up for teaming up with you, especially if you’re newer to the game and are happy to have the advice of someone who’s played longer. Joining on someone who is searching in a different region will mean much better results on matchmaking.


Yeah okay. Just wanted to make sure you got it :slightly_smiling:

But it should work though. If you’re sitting and testing right now it might be because this is kind of off-peak hours :slightly_smiling:


ill keep trying. :slight_smile: