New tier Monster idea ('Ethereal' - concept art included)


It is actually more of a character concept design than a simple idea. The thread was supposed to introduce new tier 4 Hunters as well, but is ruled out in order to adjust the text length. It’ll come out soon.
For those who don’t like reading a long text, please read the summaries and skip the detail explanations (damage output, key input explanation etc).

Ethereal (Monster)

Name : Ethereal
Gender : Neutral

Concept Art :

Floating gray crystal body, black energy that has a form of brain.
As it gains armor, crystal body turns into purple, and brain emits orange light.

Combat Capabilities
Health, Armor

  • Stage 1 : 5 Health segments, 10 Armor segments
  • Stage 2 : 8 Health segments, 10 Armor segments
  • Stage 3 : 11 Health segments,10 Armor segments

Traversal Ability : Teleport
Ethereal’s body is consisted of mind energy, allowing itself to move to desired location in a blink. Through walls.

  • Active
  • Hold Space Bar key to initiate Teleport location planning. A dotting line will appear and inform the player if the Teleport is possible, by changing the line’s color to blue. It it is impossible, the color will change to red. Once the Teleport is initiated, there is no turning back.
  • Release Space Bar key to Teleport.
  • Visual effect and sound effect occur at teleportation starting location and destination.
  • Can move through walls and ceilings.
  • 3 Teleport charges system, charge regenerates over time.
  • 30% shorter move distance than Goliath’s Leap. Move speed is identical to Wraith’s Warp.
  • Dotting-line does not leave tracks, but teleportation starting location and destination leave special tracks that can be distincted from footprints.

Abilities Summary
Ability 1 : Mind Control
Dominate a lifeform’s mind, allowing Ethereal to control its body for a set amount of time. Requires line of sight and lock-on targeting time.

Ability 2 : Brain Thrust
Consecutively emit 5 fan-shaped waves of stress brainwave that can damage targets through Shield.

Ability 3 : Revengful Javelin
Launch a crystal javelin consisted of telekinetic and psionic energy that can deal long-range damage. Javelin and impaled targets return to Ethereal. Damage Ethereal received during preparation and aim animation increases damage output.

Ability 4 : Illusive Mist
Emit a hallucinative mist centered on Etheral that conceals its appearance when it is inside the mist, while Hunters inside not only receive damage but also will see 3 decoy that copy Ethereal’s movements.

Abilites Explanation
Ability 1 : Mind Control

  • Active
  • Press number 1 key to go to Mind Control Mode. Cannot do anything except moving camera during Mind Control Mode.
  • Requires line of sight to lock-on. Put the crosshair at the desired target for 2.25 seconds to complete lock-on. If Ethereal receives damage during lock-on process, the timer resets to 0. Press LMB to dominate a locked-on target’s mind, or press RMB to cancel lock-on, allowing Ethereal to select another target. Press number 1 key to cancel Mind Control Mode. This does not trigger cooldown, provided Ethereal hasn’t mind-controlled a target yet.
  • Can control a target for (4.5 / 6 / 8) seconds, and simultaneously deal (15 / 20 / 27)% HP damage over duration time.
  • Ethereal player gains access to a wildlife’s movement control and attack ability, or a Hunter’s movement control, loadout, and ping function. Mind-controlled Hunter player loses character’s movement control, loadout, ping function, text chat and mike chat function. Mind-controlled target does not show any indication of being mind-controlled.
  • If Ethereal receives more than 0.7 segments of Armor damage during Mind Control, the ability is immediately canceled and cooldown is initiated.
  • Mind Control is inaudible, but visible by looking at its glowing purple brain.
  • 12.5 seconds cooldown.
  • Cannot be used while in mid-air.

Ability 2 : Brain Thrust

  • Hitscan
  • 0.75 seconds preparation time.
  • Can move camera and position (- 50% top speed penalty) while using.
  • Deals (2.4 / 3.2 / 4.2) % HP damage per wave. Rate of fire is 240 waves per minute. Emits total 5 fan-shaped waves at a single ability use.
  • 120 fan degrees.
  • (15 / 20 / 27) m fan radius.
  • 13.5 seconds cooldown.
  • Negates Shield.
  • Cannot do anything except moving camera and position during Brain Thrust.
  • Cannot be used while in mid-air.

Ability 3 : Revengful Javelin

  • Projectile (100m / 0.5s)
  • 0.5 seconds preparation time.
  • Can move camera and position (- 70% top speed penalty) after preparation.
  • Deals (20 / 26 / 35)% HP damage per shot. Rate of fire is not available since it is a single shot ability.
  • Damage everything that is in the javelin’s trajectory.
  • Impaled targets are stuck at javelin and cannot do anything until the javelin returns to Ethereal. They are placed at in front of Ethereal.
  • Cannot bring Crowbill Sloth, Desert Nomad, Tyrant, Megamouth, Dune Beetle, and Armadon.
  • 2 segments of Armor damage on Ethereal increases damage output by 33% (example : 20% x 1.33 = 26.6%). The damage bonus stacks max 3 times.
  • 4m javelin width.
  • 15m javelin length.
  • 5m javelin max range.
  • 15 seconds cooldown.
  • Can be used while in mid-air, slightly respects gravity during preparation and aiming.

Ability 4 : Illusive Mist

  • Active
  • 0.35 seconds preparation time.
  • Emits a hallucinative mist centered on Ethereal that conceals its appearance only when it is inside the mist. 100% invisibility is granted, but Ethereal flickers for 0.35 seconds if it receives any form of damage.
  • 100% Illusive Mist density. Density reduced to 75% for Hunters inside the mist.
  • Deals (1 / 1.33 / 1.69)% HP damage over 1 second to all wildlifes and enemy units inside the mist.
  • Hunters inside the mist will see 3 decoys that copy Ethereal’s movements but deal no damage and cannot knockback them. Each decoy flickers white for 0.5 seconds if receives any form of damage. Decoys have infinite HP, but die with the mist.
  • (8 / 10.64 / 14.15) seconds mist duration.
  • 12.5m mist radius.
  • Can be used while in mid-air, slightly respects gravity during preparation.

Thank you for reading!
Please leave your thoughts on the idea and please press the heart button if you like it. It not only encourages me a lot, but also can be a measurement to recognize how much potential the idea has.

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Yes, yes…Nothing to see here, move along. Rabble. :wink:



sounds cool but traversal sounds a bit OP



It has shorter travel distance than Goliath’s Leap, so in most cases, Ethereal suffers more difficulty than Goliath when it comes to losing pursuers. Also, Ethereal does not have any abilities can be utilized as a traversal substitute. So that is why I gave Ethereal the ability to go through walls. I think it’ll be fine.



Traversal is OP. Can be easily used to troll and frustrate gunters f.e. When fighting in buildings or caves. Monster will just wait inside and when hunters come in, monster teleport outside througj wall and wait again. When hunters get outside whooop monster again inside…

And of top of that I think its also a bit broken for monster cause he wont be able to get away fast enough from tracking hunters who are trying to dome him. Just my opinion.



I designed Teleport in that way to allow Ethereal to run away from Hunters while manipulating them. And tricking Hunters itself isn’t that easy, because visual and sound effect are occured everytime Ethereal teleports. If Ethereal keeps Teleporting to same locations, then Hunters can split the team into 2 groups and deny its evasion attempt.

And if his low mobility becomes a problem, then I can give him Health and Armor buff to compensate his low travel capability.



Until Hunters realize the Monster is trolling them, the dome is over half way to end . Also if hunters split , I believe monster could easily win 2v1 fight or at least incap hunters without taking almost no dmg. Cause it will take some time for the other 2 hunters to help their teammates. And then the monster can flee.

Also there are some other point that I have to pick up.

  1. Mind control.
    Useless skill in my opinion. Hunters are always going in groups of 4 or 2 at least . In that case controling 1 player wouldnt fool them and makes you easy target cause you cant move.
    And controlling wildlife doesent do much cause it is pretty much killed at 2-3 shots and the bigger creatures Hunters almost always kills if they are at range.
    And this skill has almost 0 usbaility in domes.

  2. Brain Thrust
    Totally ignores Shield for Assaults or from Support and makes the useless which is OP.
    ~23% HP dmg when focusing on 1 target isnt a small amount and really makes the role of Shield, to protect someone low on HP, pointless. I dont know why it reminds me more OP Supernova …

  3. Javelins
    Yea I am fine with this skill very simmilar to Abduction or tongue grab. Maybe it could be better if it nail hunters to ground disabling their movement for period of time but your version is fine too.

  4. Illusive mist. I am missing here information about size and lifetime of mist. Which could cause it to be too OP or UP.
    If it will be too large it will be perma dmg to Hunters team. If it will be small it can be easily countered by tocic grenades, mortars or orbital barrage even without hunters entering



I’ll admit that there are some flaws on my idea.

Teleport : Going to change soon.

Mind Control : When not engaging, it is supposed to help Ethereal kill Wildlifes and an alone Hunter easily. A long-range ability that allows Ethereal to achieve Sneak Attack more easily. When in combat, it is meant to be used with Illusive Mist, so Ethereal can try to pull a Hunter into a danger zone by using Mind Control, while maintaining itself concealed by Illusive Mist (Success rate is relatively lower than the former though). And that is why Mind Control has inaudibility and visiblity (Ethereal’s brain turns purple. Should have written it.); A tool that is adequate for stealth tactics.
I’ll see if I can tweak its feature to make it more ‘combat-suited’, but personally I like this ability.

Brain Thrust : I’ll lower its damage output to (12% / 16% / 21%).

Revengful Javelin : I should say that I do like that nailing effect.

Illusive Mist : Mist duration and radius is written at the explanation. I am planning to change it to a new ability though. I think Ethereal should have at least 1 traversal substitute ability.

Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it!