New tier Hunters ideas #2 (Rebecca, Hans, Cain, Erica)


Rebecca Rochess (Assault)

Gender : Female
Age : 28
Height : 180cm
Weight : 60kg

Fomer Job : Tech Trooper
Personality : Cynical woman. She was dismissed from a special force ‘Tech Troopers’ due to her disobedient action.
Relationship : Not bad, but could be better. She is getting along with Maggie and Hyde.

Concept : Wild future soldier. Short, rough red haircut, well-grown jaw and long diagonal scar on her nose gives others threatening impression. Vest type upper torso armor exposes her impressive arm muscles and abdominal muscles.

Primary : Plasma-thrower
A devastating short-range weapon that works like the Flamethrower, but also leaves lethal plasma energy mist in the air for a brief period of time.

  • Hitscan
  • Has identical damage per second capability, battery system, reload speed, capacity and max range compared to Hyde’s Flamthrower.
  • Leaves static plasma energy mist at where the plasma flame was placed. Plasma mist deals 0.2 segments of armor damage per second, and lasts for 6 seconds.
  • 100% Accuracy.
  • Great at close-range targets.

Secondary : Particle Rifle
Fire a ray of particle energy and keep the trigger held to do some pinpoint, extremely long-range damage dealing.

  • Hitscan
  • Deals 0.375 segments of armor damage per second. Rate of fire is 1500 battery units per minute.
  • 100 battery units, recharge rate is 75 battery units / sec
  • 100% Accuracy.
  • 300m max range.
  • Great at long-range targets.

Equipment : Suit Unstabilizer
Rebecca’s Suit Unstabilizer allows Rebecca to emit a powerful explosive blast whenever she is being attacked.

  • Hitscan
  • Passive equipment that emits an explosive blast centered on Rebecca whenever she is receiving attack.
  • Deal 0.5 segments of armor damage per battery unit. Rate of fire is unlimited.
  • 5 battery units, recharge rate is 1 battery / 6 secs.
  • 100% Accuracy.
  • Blast radius : 7m

Class : Personal Shield
Temporarily soaks up damage.

Hans Dawkins (Trapper)

Gender : Male
Age : 26
Height : 177cm
Weight : 70kg

Former Job : Aerospace Engineer
Personality : Kind, altruistic and passionate. He always tries to contribute his work and knowledge to the party.
Relationship : Everyone in Laurie-Anne likes him. Or at least doesn’t hate him.

Concept : Casual scientist, but surprisingly not a nerd. Neat blond hair. Wears a casual light green sports T-shirt, white training long pants, white scientist gown and light green tennis shoes. A lot of holographic interface and hovering devices are rotating him.

Primary : Illuminator Carbine
Fires special ammunition that glows when it hits the Monster, leaving light tracers for the Hunters to see.

  • Hitscan
  • Deals 0.36 segments of armor damage per second. Rate of fire is 720 rounds per minute.
  • 32 rounds magazine system, reload time is 1.5 seconds.
  • 95% Accuracy.
  • 100m max range.
  • Rounds that hit the Monster will glow, leaving light tracers for the Hunters to see and track. Glowing lasts for 3.5 seconds.

Secondary : Hoverboard
An excellent transportation that Hans devised to catch up the Monster during chase, or run away quickly.

  • When Hans is holding the Hoverboard in his hands, press LMB to ride on it.
  • Hoverboard always tries to accelerate. Press A, D key to steer it left or right. Press S key to brake and hold S to completely stop.
  • Hoverboard moves 150% faster than the Hunters’ sprint.
  • Cannot jump, use jetpack / weapon / equipment and revive Hunters while riding on it. Hans can only interact with elite wildlife corpses.
  • While riding on the Hoverboard, press LMB again to stop riding. If Hans stops riding or crash into an obstacle while moving too fast, he will trumble as if he was knocked back by the Monster’s attack and stop using the Hoverboard.
  • 50 battery units, recharge rate is 1 battery units / sec.
  • Mileage : 2.5 battery units / sec

Equipment : Observation Satellite
Launch a satellite that keeps an eye on the designated position for Hans.

  • Press LMB while holding the satellite controler to go into control mode.
  • When in control mode, Hans cannot do any actions except marking an observation location at the minimap or canceling the control mode. Move the mouse to adjust the mark location at the minimap, and press LMB again to confirm. Press RMB to cancel the control mode. The satellite arrives after 3 seconds and begins scanning.
  • Observation Satellite can scan, highlight all wildlifes and the Monster inside the scan radius. However, it cannot scan indoor area.
  • Requires 1 battery unit to launch the satellite or change its position. Cannot deploy more than 1 satellite.
  • 1 battery unit, recharge time is 1 battery unit / 60 seconds.
  • Scan radius : 75m

Class : Mobile Arena
Energy dome that traps the Monster and Hunters inside.

Cain (Medic)

Gender : Male
Age : 35
Height : 185cm
Weight : 82kg

Former Job : Sol Guard Army Surgeon
Personality : Quiet, calm and analytical. Has courtesy. Basically altruistic.
Relationship : Cain earns a lot of trust from his teammates. He trusts his fellow Hunters as well. But still, no one knows his motivation of joining in the Laurie-Anne. Because he is always quiet.

Concept : Lone wolf. Gray shortcut hair. Good-looking face that gives trust to others. Sleek black upper torso, arm and leg protective armor is covering his white raincoat. Wears an inner black body suit, black gloves and military shoes.

Primary : Slug Shotgun
A deadly close quarters weapon that can create weakspots on the Monster’s armor. Requires some aiming skill.

  • Projectile (Straight Line, 100m / 0.5 sec)
  • Deals 0.45 segments of armor damage per round. Rate of fire is 120 rounds per minute.
  • 8 rounds magazine system, reload time is 1.75 seconds.
  • 95% Accuracy.
  • 90m max range.
  • Great at close-range targets.
  • Weakspots created by Slug Shotgun have x1.75 damage multiplier.

Secondary : Highlander Hormone Injector-gun
Highlander Hormone confers damage reduction bonus to an injected Hunter and prevents him/her/it from being incapacitated one time for a short duration.

  • Hitscan
  • Press LMB to fire an injector at your ally, or press RMB to inject yourself.
  • Injected Hunter receives 20% damage reduction bonus for 15 seconds. This bonus can be stacked with damage reduction perk, but cannot be stacked with Elite Armadon’s damage reduction buff. Elite Armadon’s buff will always dissipates Highlander Hormone’s damage reduction bonus.
  • Injected Hunter can also evade incapacitation one time, when lost all health, for 15 seconds.
  • 1 round magazine system, reload time is 15 seconds.
  • 100% Accuracy.
  • 50m max range.

Equipment : Orbital Heal
Drop a healing energy bomb at a desired location to cover the area with large healing energy mist, healing all Hunters at once slowly and gradually.

  • Hitscan
  • Targeting works exactly like Hank’s Orbital Barrage and Cabot’s Dust Tagging.
  • Healing energy bomb arrives and explodes after 2 seconds.
  • Heals 4% HP per second.
  • Mist duration : 25 seconds.
  • Mist radius : 30m
  • 1 round magazine system, reload time is 45 seconds.

Class : Healing Burst
Short burst of rejuvenating energy that heals Cain and nearby allies.

Erica Heigell (Support)

Gender : Female
Age : 29
Height : 173cm
Weight : 52kg

Former Job : Biologist
Personality : Her personality has drastically changed after she lost her parents, husband and children by unknown monsters. She lost everything, and she has gone crazy. Awfully quiet, revengful, and sadistic.
Relationship : Alone. She sometimes talk to only Cabot.

Concept : Mad scientist. Blond hair, beautiful, well-shaped. Wears an orange long-sleeve T-shirt that lost a left sleeve, short black skirt, ripped stocking and torn white gown. Her eyes are suffering from hyperemia.

Primary : Monomolecular Sawblade Thrower
Launch a critical sawblade and cut your foes in half.

  • Projectile (Straight Line, 100m / 1 sec)
  • Deals 0.45 segments of armor damage per round. Rate of fire is 60 rounds per minute.
  • 3 rounds magazine system, reload time is 2.5 seconds.
  • 100% Accuracy.
  • 125m max range.
  • Great at mid-range targets.

Secondary : Degen-gun
A remodeled Medgun that gnaws the Monster’s energy, gradually resetting the evolution progression.

  • Targeting exactly works like Val’s Medgun.
  • Locking on the Monster for 4 seconds removes 1 energy segment. If Erica stops firing before reaching x4 multiplier second gate, she needs to restart and maintain the degen-beam for another 4 seconds in order to remove energy. That is, residuary degen progression cannot be saved. Rate or fire is 15 energy segments per minute.
  • 60 battery units, recharge rate is 6 battery units / second.
  • 100% Accuracy.
  • 40m max range.

Equipment : Pandora Device
A rebuilt Lazarus Device that removes the Monster’s elite wildlife buff, and confers a random plague at the same time.

  • Hitscan
  • Targeting works exactly like Lazarus’ Lazarus Device, except that it only works against the Monster.
  • When the Monster is in range, hold LMB to charge up the Pandora Device and use it to plague the Monster.
  • Deals 2 segments of armor damage over 20 seconds.
  • 1 battery unit, recharge rate is 1 battery / 60 seconds.
  • Accuracy 100%.
  • 2m max range.
  • Removes the elite wildlife buff the Monster has, and confers a random debuff at the same time.
  • Debuff list :
    Low Metabolism : -50% ability recharge rate.
    Jaw Paralysis : Cannot eat.
    Smell Defect : Cannot smell.
    All of these debuffs last for 30 seconds.

Class : Cloaking Field
Grants temporary invisibility to Erica and nearby Hunters.

Please leave your thoughts about the ideas on the comment list.



These are some of the most amazing and well detailed hunters I’ve seen from someone on this thread god I hope these were real



Below here is the idea thread that I made it before. If you are interested, please click the link.

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I said it before and I’ll say it again. Amazing.
Really love you work BUT darn you for more theory/meta crafting. I hope TRS are looking at these because there are a ton of awesome ideas in here.
Keep it up and thank you.



Thank you IngeniusPebble and Typhon. Your words are so encouraging.



This seems a bit too much like the Flamethrower. The mist part is cool, but like with Hyde, most Monsters wouldn’t stay near enough for it to have an effect. If Hyde runs up to you, you just jump away and watch as he tries to get to you again.

Also, 0.3 segments of armor per second is one third a bar of armor per second. Seems a tad too strong.

I actually really like this idea. It’s very interesting. One problem though- nobody ever attacks the Assault. :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps make it an AOE thing that triggers when a nearby team mate is attacked? Just a thought.

On the whole, I do like this idea. Nice work. :smile:



Well, you can bait a sneakattack from a monster with that abillity. Go solo, get pounced on, pop the blast and shield :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh forgot to mention.

I want that support SO BAD. The ideas are so incredibly awesome, I can imagine this hot crazed blonde firing that degen beam at the monster and cackle like a maniac while doing so. She needs a nice voice but lots of shouting :stuck_out_tongue:




And Lazarus was getting lonely in the insanity corner anyway.


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@MidnightMonash I see, plasma mist’s damage seems a bit strong. I’ll reduce it, thank you for the feedback!

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Assault: sorta been, there done that-ish

Trapper: hocer board is an awesome idea… The only suggetions I have is if hover board makes all other skill useless then you should at least have some sort of small jump feature so people can cover small obstacles. I also believe the trapper should be able to at least use the trapper dome to connect on the monster and continue to use board for getaway and lead monster on chase… The tracking device could use a little work I believe… Because it would be high useless in a couple situations and hard to use

Support: awesome debuff based character

Medic: the damage number values sound kinda high and the heal sounds really unwieldy and hard to use effectively but all in all I like this take on the battle medic

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[quote=“Sage_hjh, post:1, topic:47348”]
[/quote] @Quirkly



I approve  






I demand more Illuminati Hunters, Val is not enough



I love all of them except the support. Only worry I have there is that it seems too power.

My suggestions:

  1. either change the debuff glove to 15 seconds (30 seconds no smell/eat is a long frikin time) OR change it to reduce smell range by 50%, reduce eating speed 75%. Gotta let him eat if he manages to dodge the hunters completely, but make it slow.
  2. don’t have that beam lock on, or at least reduce the range a bit. Reducing the monsters progress is a VERY strong tool, and should require the hunter to risk a little more to make it happen.


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Thank you for the detailed feedback. I’ll adjust the figures once I finish college exams.



AMAZING. I would love to see these hunters in evolve for the next set.