New things to the game!


So i have been playing a lot of evolve the past time, and i made a lot of people download and play the game. i just wondered if you could bring some more maps to the game, and maybe if possible team deathmatch. i know it is a lot to ask for, but i know you can do it. i aldo wondered if you could make some kind of weapon customization for the game too. at the moment evolve is my favourite game and i would love som more content. please also make some new characters! XD (i copy pasted this from a mail i sent!)


2 new map variations were just added, and the devs are reworking old maps that used to be in the game to make them more fair.[quote=“Ojmoen, post:1, topic:99230”]
and maybe if possible team deathmatch

This wouldn’t work. Goes against lore entirely, wouldn’t work mechanically and is completely out of place in Evolve. Giving arguably the most unique game the most unoriginal gaming experience would be wrong.[quote=“Ojmoen, post:1, topic:99230”]
aldo wondered if you could make some kind of weapon customization for the game too

You mean, like attachments or mods? Would also be out of please. This isn’t a classic FPS game.


TRS are re-working all of the old legacy maps but it takes time so we just have to be patient for now. :wink:

If you play with friends then the team deathmatch mode you want would most likely be Arena mode. Only way to do this mode however is either solo or custom online, hence why I said about friends.

I can’t speak on behalf of TRS but I’m just gonna assume that they won’t do this, at least not for a while since they have a lot of other things to get done. Reason being that they designed each hunters load-outs to be as it is and it wouldn’t seem right to be able to change how guns look too much etc. That’s also assuming that you don’t mean adding things like grips, stocks, sights etc.


I just ran everything through my head, trying to find SOME issue with adding a Team Deathmatch option, but aside from map size, I think that this game is actually damn near perfectly balanced for that mode.


Val vs Hyde


That’s not what I mean, nor what I said.


ok. you didn’t understand shit…even 2k loved it! i asked them!


u too. u didn’t understand…


I wish they just put those maps in rotation for co - op and training. They are balanced enough to play vs ai. More choices is never a bad thing, I miss the deep water.


There’s no need to be hostile. There are nicer ways to get your point across. I’d recommend you try to be more civil.


whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ?


What didn’t I understand exactly?

I read your points and answered them to the best of my ability and tried to help you as much as possible.


2k are the publishers, of course they are going to go for the option that brings more money and players to the game. They aren’t passionate about the game.[quote=“Ojmoen, post:7, topic:99230”]
ok. you didn’t understand shit

And this is incredibly rude and ignorant.


You didn’t understand that his opinion is both fact and law. To disagree is just not understanding.


What would Dust Tagging, Gobi, Jack’s SS, Griffin’s sound spike and Abe’s dart do? How would Harpoons effect Hunters? What would Slims spore cloud do? And Kala’s armour reducer?

I’m not going to go into lore or the stat changes because no one seems to care about those.


This is not a CSGO where u give everyone a rifle and murder each other. Tell me what do monsters do then? Wrestle with each other…