New theory


Okay so after hearing conversations over and over I had a theory pop up in my head and I quit the game so I can type it before I forget so here we go, alright we know how val is a CIG9 agent and was sent there to spy on their mission but evidently she confessed she was a “spy” to Cabot and he trusted her from there and basically said welcome to the team your in. Well what if that’s part of the plan? What if she was told by CIG9 to blow your cover to them and do what she said she was originally going to do and spy on the mission? Seems dumb but i feel she knows something we don’t know (maybe information CIG9 or hub told her) that has to do with the monsters like caira’s always hinting at how the monsters could be infinite or could be attacking other colonies at the time. I think she knows the whole deal about the monsters and knows (even though this is something some of us assume) that the monsters are endless, for whatever reason they’re going to keep coming so that’s why its no harm for val to act like she’s jumping aboard and killing monsters because it makes her look innocent and she knows they’re gonna keep coming back so where can she go wrong? I know this is a lot of assuming but just think no one thinks nothing of her (except Hyde) she’s just there so she’s already incognito and another big thing, her team CIG9 supposedly stirred up some stuff and started the mutagen wars! If true that seems like a big clue that CIG9 could be behind unique monsters randomly showing up on some colony and tearing everyone and thing apart. Well if anyone gets what I’m putting out add to this theory I feel like it could really branch out into something or if someone knows something that can bust this whole theory let me know as well because I’m really leaning on this as my explanation for the monsters the vague conversations everything.



That’s an interesting theory, but I’m pretty sure CIG9 doesn’t know anything, thus they sent Val in. The thing is, we got to see Val and the CIG9 Director’s conversation from her viewpoint, meaning that it’s unlikely they had some other secret arrangement. She was told very little, except to remain undercover (which she blew to gain trust). To me, it seems like she legitimately wants to help and solve the problem. It’s possible that CIG9 DOES know more than they let on, but I doubt Val was told anything. Seems like she wasn’t even sure exactly what happened during the Mutagen Wars, meaning they likely don’t let their agents in on everything and keep secrets.

Those are just my thoughts anyway, still an interesting theory :slight_smile:


If you read Val’s story you’ll find they didn’t want her to blow her cover on purpose or anything like that.


My personal theory is that the monsters were engineered (hence why they can adapt, are intelligent, and the eggs start out as goop and seemingly aren’t laid by any other monsters). However, I don’t believe CIG9 has anything to do with it, other than sending Val in to find out what’s going on and if Cabot’s team knows anything. My guess is that it’s like the Basilisk soldiers, how humans were spliced with insect DNA. But this time, it’s possible that they were just biological creations rather than splicing. If this is the case, it’s highly likely that CIG9 might have a hunch of what’s going on and is fighting to regain Shear for Hub, just like how the Mutagen Wars were fought over Basilisk soldiers thinking they were free from Hub.

These are just my thoughts so far, I’m interested to see what clues we get next :slight_smile: Also, CIG9 didn’t start the Mutagen Wars, they were sent to basically “put the boot down” on the Basilisk rebellion, since they were trying to become free from Hub. They may have orchestrated it, but it was likely due to Hub orders, and the chemtroopers and Lazarus men were sent to do the actual fighting afaik.


Thanks so much for the story I didn’t know anything about that! Kinda dissapointing because it goes against my theory but still its better to know the truth and I learned something new about val. But yea the more I thought about it the more I saw it wasn’t enough to prove the monsters past or origin, there were just to many holes like all the mysterious talk about factor and the monsters that were there. I really do hope there is some definite background to the monsters that we’re supposed to piece together that’d be so achieving once we get there. The search will go on!


Sure thing :slight_smile: If you have the time, you should read the lore that TRS has put up (official lore by their writers). It tells you the background for a few characters and some interesting things about CIG9 and the Sword incident.