New theory on monsters

Okay so people say the monsters were created, bred, artificially selected, and ect ect. So were Basilisk soldiers. Slim was the By-product of sliced genes. Maybe the monsters where a secret generation of basilisk soldiers meant to capture more land in an effort to break away from hub. but they were a haywire abomination with the same objective but skewed to a destructive path. The original alphas started small and evolve into their own society in a cast off area until they were strong enough to take down factor and other planets. They used Wraith to make portals, Behemoth as cargo ships for eggs to be planted and also tanks to protect soldiers which were Goliath and Kraken. CIG9 or whatever found out about this but decided it wasnt a big enough threat to Hub and the War until shear started to get invaded and everyone knows the rest, hunters are sent to stop it.
Tell me what you guys think of this idea

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That Basilisk Soldiers have retained their minds for the most part, and no one would want to kill a colony that way. Get in and make them surrender? Sure. Go and kill off an entire colony? Not really Basilisk Nebula’s style.

That’s why i said they threw them out they were unstable but they didnt know they would keep their intelligence withouut basilisk order


The GenOne troops were unstable. And these got slaughtered. None survived. They made the process much better before Slim was ever created.

It’s not probable. Besides, Warp technology is not known by humans. Wraiths are something way beyond the understanding of any living being.

Wait what? Don’t their ships have warp technology? You can see one warp into Shear at the Evacuation intro.

Well… kind of. It’s not the same warping tech Wraiths use. It’s like, jump technology. And the grenades/Stasis guns warp time. But they can’t teleport, or use warp to create decoys.

Im saying they started at a small level very human but still too unstable to even try to kill itd cause a tragedy so they isolated them and the original “Gen 0” soldiers decided to evolve to break out of isolation and complete their vision of taking oover

I’m not going to argue over this, but I don’t think you’re right.

“It’s just a theory. A GAME-”

Okay, I’ll stop.

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Oh sorry i didn’t know it seemed like i was arguing i just thought i wasn’t clear enough

Also we don’t getto see qn engine on wraith… He maybe able to travel in space and even go to diferent dimesions… Other thing its seen that in evacuation, the planet gets destroyed right ?

In my opinion thats the way it defends.
I mean… Like ice age, all planets where before in a “lava” age when the planet was just in his first years…

So maybe its defensive strategy is doing that so for a long period of time no other living form from other planets arrive. While that happen monsters and wildlife beggings to get stronger… In case there is another invasion… Well thats what i think… Or maybe monsters are just some experiments…

This thread may help link to my idea

I thought it was a cool idea/hypothesis… I could totally see the monsters being some sort of man made calamity…

I don’t know that the creators of the game had any such a specific plot twist in mind when creating the lore for the characters… But still a cool thought

i think that, judging from converstions between hunters, that the monsters truthfully were “aliens” to that world, considering that they have been transferred and have taken down other worlds. The monsters were probably caught and were to be used as weapons of war, probably by basilisk nebula, and sold illegally to nebula by other bounty hunters, such as abe. Which would also explain why Abe is there, to kill the monsters nebula lost control of after they escaped from nebula bases on several different planets. however this is my opinion and the info was gathered from character convos so dont judge too harshly. but what im trying to say is that nebula did NOT CREATE the monsters, they FOUND them and wanted to use them as weapons.

@LaggerCZE Basilisk Nebula agent confirmed.

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I like that but our ideas kinda go to the same point

slim and torvald have a conversation about the mutagen wars and the first 2 “generations” of basilisk soldiers. Slim is 3rd generation, and in the conversation they had it was said the first 2 generations lost their minds.

No, only GenOne lost their minds. GenTwo wasn’t perfect, but they were kind of succesful. GenThree is Slim.

@MidnightRoses I prefer bionics over genetic modifications, many thanks.


Okay. Each to his own.

i hope they go deeper with the basilisk soldier story, maybe some patch when they put new dialogues with other hunters then tier 4 when you have slim around, how would it be interesting if you had Hyde who ever enemy to basilisk soldiers and Abe who is bounty hunter and the hub wants Slim for a lot of shit ton keys. what do you think their conversation would go?

but anyway the biggest question is what happen to the first and second generation, sure they were “maybe” kill but they must have dump their corpse somewhere. Come to thinking of it didn’t those eggs look like they were rooted to the ground as they were like plants? if you have heard the new dialogues with Caria, she said that when they took one of the eggs into the ship and when it hatched they were only a green goop and no monster were inside of it. but at the ground when they hatch out a monster appear from it. i start to get connection of this now.

a strong link is behemoth as one interesting trivia i read on his file that they think that behemoth are reason for transporting new monster via meteor. maybe that meteor is filled with the basilisk soldier DNA that once it crash landed on planet shear, and it’s DNA start to spread into the ground. These egg are like plants that grow out of nowhere. but everything i say to this is just a theory obviously. but if they expand that basilisk soldier story line, maybe we get a strong connection to the monster. what do you all guys think?

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The description of King’s Fort in the map selection screen specifically says, “invasion by alien monsters from another dimension,”