New TF2 thread!


Because the last one was closed.


I really, really suck at TF2 :stuck_out_tongue:


I downloaded and kept it for a week, still couldn’t get used to the controls, also there wasn’t a TDM gamemode but I loved the characters!


@Buckets_Sentry_Gun will enjoy this thread :joy:


Placing a @Buckets_Sentry_Gun here


I renamed myself Sandvich Dispenser for a bit and once people started seeing that I would give you Sandvich if say medic, whole server became Sandvich party!

It was actually hilarious that 24 heavys were doing the conga at the spawn base :joy:


Aw man, I used to play so much TF2 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I heard the next update is gonna be neato.


adding some balances and competitive, sick indeed.


Me too, with 1742 hours on it! But I no longer play it because I’m getting bored playing it.
And before I discover Evolve and its forums, I discovered Dispenz0r’s Fun Server also known as DFS.
I spent quite some time in its server and forums, but by time…I had the feeling that a part of its community was made of jerks.
Even the head moderator Kals and the owner Dispenz0r are jerks, to be honest. Dispenz0r also insulted me one time saying “GET OUT OF MY FACE YOU PIECE OF SHIT!”, it was the most memorable thing I have ever got from DFS.
I met some cool people in it, but the others weren’t cool at all. So I left the community and never came back…and I will definitively never come back at all. I also half lied to them in my last post which is bad for me, but they didn’t gave a fuck anyway.
Now they no longer miss me because of what they are (the link of my last post

I really prefer TRS’s forums because at least, the majority of the people in it are aware of what’s happening, the admins and moderators are funny and honest, the flame wars aren’t common and I never see anybody insulting themself (maybe some are, but not in general) and the best is that nobody hates me because I love Evolve. It’s really unlike DFS.


Ahhh ye olde times… when there were only 9 hats in that game…


Tf2 for the win! Three thousand hours and I don’t regret it! I never got bored of that game, it always had something new! So many modes, so many weapons, so many maps and so many custom SERVERS!

At first the only thing that I played in TF2 was Capture the Flag, but when I discovered the other custom servers, like Minecraft servers, Death Run servers, Slenderman servers, Mario servers, etc. From there I just coudn’t stop playing, I met a lot of friends in there and I barely used the forums, so I didn’t know the community that well, but I was pretty active in trading stuff, which I also loved :slight_smile:

But Evolve came and bang! I took a break and started hyping!


Just keep playing, eventually you’ll get vaguely competent. It worked for me.


Funny you mention hats. It was the addition of all of the extra inventory (hats, special weapons, etc) that started to drive me away from it.

And I got a little tired of it :eyes:


@Buckets_Sentry_Gun how do you feel about this mass sentry/electronic murder?


one day the comic will come one day hopefully




tfw young sentries die moments after being built


I started playing tf2 when the heavy class update got released :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s from Sin’s chanel!