New "Telemetry and Game Balance"

@MacMan can we get a chart compare the damage of markov and torvald pre and post patch please? :smile:

You are correct.
Arena mode was 49.4% Monster wins yesterday.
Hunt was 62.4% Monster wins yesterday.
Hunt was 51.8% Monster wins on Tuesday when we had matchmaking real strict.

The problem with Tuesday was super long wait times for everyone. When we loosen the restrictions, time to get into a match improves but the quality of the matches declines. So it’s a balance that we are trying to find. As we collect more data each day and continue to adjust the numbers, we keep learning more and making more progress. Additionally, if we can group skilled Hunters more reliably, the system can afford to be more strict because there are more high level Hunter teams available for high level monster players.


What’s the challenge with reliably grouping skilled hunters?

The current system only determines your personal skill based on whether or not your entire team wins or loses a match. Obviously mixing good and bad players together results in consistent mediocre performance. The problem is separating the good players from the bad ones when the system only looks at the entire team.

The system doesn’t determine skill level based on the entire team winning or losing.

Individual performances play a big role in the number of points each player gets/loses for each fight.

I’m afraid individual performance doesn’t go into it, only individual points. Check out this:

I dunno then how I have the exact same rank and similar points to a friend of mine, yet we both get drastically different points at the end of a match.

also depends on how many games you have played. when you play more games the system memorizes how you usualy preform and predicts off of that. Its hard to explain but me and my friend have the same thing going on.

Also depends on how consistant you arem for example if you take 1 month break from the game, your score will be the same when you come back, but winning or losing your first few matches will have huge amount of point gain or loss.

@MacMan Mr.Chris

Are you guys going to make new maps for Hunt 2.0 or Defend in the future ?

Might be a coincidence but I had a good run of hunt matches yesterday with decent matchmaking, much better than previous few days. I was mixed in with bronze and silver hunters of various skills and thankfully the monsters were similarly skilled resulting in fun, close games!

It’s always a possibility, but there isn’t one in the works at the moment.


Are you guys working on a new game mode then?

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Out of curiosity, approximately how long does it take to create a new map for Hunt?

I’m just curious if you guys could start over would you balance all hunters to a specific monster? Seems like it would be easier to manage instead of fixing something for one and then it ends up making problems for another. I know you said it’s as easy as opening a file and changing some numbers, but I can’t imagine the headache you guys must have :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t that make them imbalanced against the other monsters?

Your new profile picture is hilarious. :laughing:
Has Jack’s repulsor ever been considered to have the ability to stop a climbing monster, like Griffin or Maggie? Or would that be waaaayy to strong? I feel like it would be, but I was surprised it doesn’t.

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I mean set for each monster. So let’s say Maggie’s harpoons arm at 1 second for wraith but 3 for behemoth. Something like that. I know it would be bizarre and a learning curve to understand how they work compared to each monster, just seems like it would’ve been easier on the devs.

So when you fix something geared towards one it wouldn’t mess with another.

Ohhhh, I get it. Like what they are doing for Jack’s repulsor.

I believe I saw something mentioned about that.