New "Telemetry and Game Balance"


No because it only affects you when you specifically choose that is why it doesn’t count.

Ranked and online you don’t choose the hunters you can’t counterpick and perks shouldn’t be normally a good pick unless they pick the most popular medic.

Nope because again I choose what I fight in solo. I already said they should be the same but its not the same as in ranked or non ranked hunt where you have no idea what you are going up against.


So…if val wasn’t picked often but still had this bonus what then?


If she was still OP it’d still be a problem just not a common one.


Let me rephrase, things being different in solo is bad, but it is excusable as only you have to deal with it, and even if it effected movement speed that would only effect a player playing monster, as the bots don’t take movement speed, and an all bot team needs the help it can get.

Solo has several quirks that should be fixed, but are not a huge concern because it is single player.

When bugs bleed into multiplayer they cause all kinds of grief, as fighting humans is hard enough as it is without the risk you will lose one of your choices.

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Bots do take Ms. bot maggie takes MS for one. Abe bot takes RS, as does griffin. Val and hank take capacity. As does Crow.


and the monsters take armor regen


They take whatever they want. AI monsters can take DR.


Could we get a separation of the “Telemetry” and “Game Balance” part of this thread? Half of this thread is MacMan posting telemetry with people’s comments on it and the other half is people arguing over game balance. The latter of which could really go into other threads.

Maybe I have the intention of this thread wrong but I always thought of it as more of a “Telemetry and Hard Facts about Game Balance” thread more than a “voice your opinion” thread.
I know it’d be a big undertaking but I feel like this needs to be said.


In an ideal world I think we would do this, but it’s up to the mods to sort out rather than the leaders. I know that we’d rather that the information in this thread was easier to browse through as it’s been discussed before. I’ll just tag @Plaff and @MaddCow to alert them to the fact this has been brought up again.

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Cool. Yeah I didn’t know if this was a Leader or Mod thing lol.


What do the leaders actually do?


Stuff and things…

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General moderation, closing the had threads, and shizzle!

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Apart from that, we are able to close, merge, archive, edit and unlist threads when it’s necessary :smile:

Fun fact, the same way Regulars have their guidelines, Leaders also have their own :wink:


I can’t even hit regular status. I tried.

But this isn’t the topic for this so I’m off!
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I have no guidelines I am… THE GUIDELINES.

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Thank you for the reminder! This may be more interesting to do by the patch. I’ll have a word with the mods and we’ll decide how to reorganize. Either way, we’ll have a fresh discussion up soon.

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Nah. Don’t have that unfortunately. In fact, we are missing damage numbers from some of her abilities in telemetry right now. Trying to fix it ASAP.