New team looking for Experienced players (EU)


I have started a new team on esl looking for experienced players for any evolve tournaments.

Looking for any roles i will be playing assault but you may still tryout if that is your primary role, please put your role, characters and your region please so i know what i am working with.

GT: MrP1unk


From the Netherlands. Play any role, have no preference yet.

GT: Flou-


i will be on tonight at 9pm bst


plays trapper/monster and ready to rek
GT i shank all day


i could not find you.
Add me MrP1unk


Will add you tomorrow!:slight_smile:


i will be going on holiday for a week from today until friday.
so i will be sorting the team out then.


Hi, I am looking for a team for tournaments as well. I main monster and I would like to try out with you guys if possible.
Please contact me if possible, thanks.


hi all i will be online tonight at 9pm for trials looking for all roles for the time being.


Ignore my post, just realised this was for XBONE.


yeh man come along tonight 9pm uk time. i will be the main assault but diversity in a team is good so yeh. be on tonight.


hi im an assault and i realy like to play with an evolve team who are better then the normal skrims :smiley:
my steam id : Marko


He’s on Xbone mate, sucks.