New Support/Medic Ideas (Be Creative)

Medic: Jessica

Damage Weapon: A Light Focusing gun that boils the monster and wildlife by focusing rays of light, much like a magnifying glass, the more you aim the more smaller and hotter the affected area is, softening armor, allowing armor to be removed quicker.

Healing Weapon: A Ray Gun than restores hunters health overtime in an AOE affect. The guns effective area would be similar to aiming abduction for wraith and becomes more effective the closer you are to the intended target.

Special Ability/Weapon: Deployable Medkits that heal overtime in an AOE fashion. (# of medkits at a time depending on strength [Heals/per second])

Support: Sam

Damage Weapon: An Air Canon that winds up, collecting air around it to expel in one burst that very briefly slows the monster if he is moving towards you and does damage. The more air you allow the gun to suck in the more damage it gives and more ammo of a clip you use.

Seconday Weapon: Deploys 2 teleporters.
Edit: Distance between teleporters depict cool down and charge up rate. The father apart the longer the CD and CU. These would have the health similar to sunnys shield drone. Also you can not teleport from inside the dome to outside.

Special Ability/Weapon: Deploys a 10 foot tall pillar, that hunters can use to stand on and inhibit the monster. (Would not be able to be placed in certain areas that would prevent the monster from reaching anywhere, so not under ceilings that are too low for him to climb over the pillar and not to close to walls to cut him off from corners) Sounds dumb, but I think it would be intersting in game.

Please do not try to downplay anyone, look and give positive feedback on them and/or your own ideas. I want to see some cool concepts!

Teleporters, further the distance the longer the cool down.

Cool cool, ill change that, dynamics like it

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