New Support Lazarus (idea)

I think Lazarus would be a good support just change the healburst with the shield ability.
As support you often get focused by the monster and with his invisibility you can hide.
Second his Lazarus machine or how you call it in english would be very helpfull as support because often you are the one that has to reanimate your teamates.

Supports usually deal with preventing damage/focus. Medics help out mid or after focus.

yes but i would like the sneaky part of this invisibility as support

The invis always worked well with the healing burst to offer quite a good bit of solo sustainability. Laz being a Support would lack this.

Not to mention he would no longer fit the name “Lazarus”

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But why you think Laz as support would lack this? I see the support as class that helps to prevent damage (Hank, Sunny) or to deal more damage (cabot and kala) and with Laz or how ever you will name him you will get another play style that would bring more variety to the support class

But the point being made here I think is that he just wouldnt fit the Support role. I mean, the idea of a Laz support isnt out of the question, but him rezing people as a support is.

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Laz adaptation could easily be a support - that glove could be re-worked to do anything to another hunter - give speed boost, damage boost, damage resistance, shield, etc.

I don’t know how well using a true-melee (not any of that semi-melee stuff that Lennox has) mechanic on targets that are constantly moving very quickly, dodging abilities and also being hit with those abilities. It would be almost impossible to use the character very effectively, but ‘gloving’ the Monster could potentially have some interesting effects. Like a busted revivifier zapping the Monster could daze it to some extent, extending cool downs on abilities for example. Of course, this would be completely shut down by Kraken, but bouncing ideas around is never a bad idea.

How is Lennox semi melee

There’s no rule that a rework of the glove in a support role would only have to work within 1 meter. Plus, if it’s a good perk, wouldn’t it be worth it to coordinate gaining the perk? Laz has always been high-risk, so this could play well into risk/benefit.

Lennox is semi-melee, because while it is a kind of ‘punch’ or something, it is still a beam that is much longer than contact. You can still strike the monster from several meters away, even if it isn’t the range of gun. You don’t have to be touching the Monster in order to land those hits.

I see what your saying, and I agree with you completely. But I think that the level of coordination that would be required to actually pull it off might be a little high. Of course, this could be worked around with his other abilities, for example, maybe his glove is reworked into, instead of bringing someone back to life, it is an undying effect, so that even if the target hits 0 HP, they don’t die, for a short time at least. It would have a long cool down of course, and would fit the damage-prevention role of support very well, but the timing and coordination would be so hard to master.
However, the extremely high risk here would come with an extremely high reward, so he could just simply be the coolest Support ever.

I don’t get it, is this an adaptation idea or a change medic to support?
Cuz if it’s an adaptation idea, what are the differences, and if not, why would you change a medic that is already fine into a support for no reason?

So what you’ve just suggested is that you keep his exact same loadout and swap his heal burst with a shield burst?

How is this a new variant idea?

lazarus as support should revive the wildlife eaten by the monster and use them as zombies.

That won’t work for evolve

cough Cabot cough

Cabot prevents focus. If you’re focusing Medic, Cabot throws on the damage amp and you get hit by a Mortar barrage, or Gold Blitzkov beams, or Parnell Super Soldier, it’s rip armour.

That’s indirect supporting but you’re not (preventing)!!! damage Lazarus is taking everything up his *** and if you’re assault not doing damage or monster has zero **** given then too bad😔

I said preventing focus (not damage) which he does. Lazarus does not prevent damage or focus on anyone but himself.

Like I said if the monster doesn’t care he will just after you until you die and a competent monster will not let the laz go while yeah he may take massive damage but that laz is going down for realz and strike on laz it’s worth it