New super weird bug, I bet this hasn't happened to you (video)


So… Somehow the Kraken managed to hit us with aftershock while we were on the dropship lol

Krakens Aftershock effecting players in Dropship

That’s wierd!!! He wasn’t even in the air. It’s like you guys were registered on the ground.


Yeah lol and when we landed he used another aftershock and kill us instantly.It was funny, too bad I didn’t recorded that


Hmmm I posted this too late, maybe I’ll make another one if it starts getting dust


I’ll wipe off some dust for you and yeah I’ve never seen that before. I think it’s that for the split second when the people that were spectating spawned in they were “cameras” but with health bars. I don’t know if that’s it but that’s just what it looks like to me.


Thank you for the video clip, that will always help us come up with solutions better if we can! I am looking into this with @MrStrategio atm. I’ll keep you posted. :blush:


Great video. I’m pretty sure I know what’s going on just from watching that. If it is, it’s a very timing specific and location specific issue, so it shouldn’t affect most games, but thank you for reporting it. I’ll get it logged.

2 New Bugs for TRS
2 New Bugs for TRS

Thank you for noticing! :smiley:


No problem and thank you! C:


I noticed it as well, seems Hunters are teleporting to the center of the map for a split second before they respawn, no?
If so, the video OP has posted must’ve required a lot of coincidence.
From a programmer’s point of view I assume it’s not really a bug in itself but just how you manage the camera work.

You can see the teleportation in effect in 2 other ways as well.

  1. If you play Monster and the dropship timer runs out, you can see the dropship icon (that the Monster isn’t supposed to see) for a split second at its location. It’s how I can usually tell where the Hunters are gonna land if I can’t see the ship.

  2. At the match replay back in the lobby, you can see all the player dots are teleported to the center to have their camera show the roaring Monster at the end / dropship flying off.