New super Sunny drone tech!


Quick tip: allies can plant deployables on the top of Sunny’s drone :markov_cute: :maggie_cute:

Credit goes to Markov AI (such game knowledge, much wow)


Devs already know this bug, it’s going to get fixed in the next micropatch, so enjoy it while it last lol


Until then, beware the new meta! (Kappa face)


“Bucket, defend the shield drone” lol. I don’t see why this is a new meta, but it did make me think about placing turrets/mines tightly around the drone.


Bucket and Sunny are both Supports though. Can’t have Turrets and Drones. ;-;


Kinda silly that it’s a “bug.” You SHOULD be able to drop mines under the drone to protect it.


Facepalm Alright, where’s my dunce cap?


Oh, that’s not the issue. Being able to stand on top of it, plant a new drone above your head, and then jetpack up to that one and plant a drone on top of THAT, ad infinitum is asinine and cheesey. Ran into a group that did both this AND abused the “lock the monster in a dome and chuckle like idiots” trick by using Sunny to jetpack the trapper out of the drone. Hilariously, their medic remained behind. ALONE. Needless to say, I stopped fighting for fun and ran two relay wins on their sorry asses. It takes ALOT to make me actively pissed at you when I play, I roll with the punches and shrug it off. Fair play, no grudges, even if I got roflstomped. But I do not tolerate unrepentant bullshit.


Wait, wait, wait - you can put mines directly ON TOP of the shield drone? So then, every time they put up a new shield drone the old one goes away, but the mines are hovering in the air? Or just shield drones? Cuz the OP was talking about other deployable too. I wish you could place other deployables in the range of a mine, but stacking them - no.

And yeah, that’s why when the Trapper leaves the dome it should just drop. No incentive to leave the Trapper in alone cuz it goes down with him.


I was told by @Plaff that Macman said he likes the idea of using domes as a form of survival for the trapper, though they are considering shortening the duration of the dome. Hope the dome is only shorter if the trapper isn’t inside


I saw a Bucket once stack his turrets. It was amazing.

A giant pillar of death.


The problem is when the whole team just uses it to cheese out the clock. The only one dead was the medic, and only because he didn’t make it out of the dome. The rest of the team just bailed. I’m with @mediumvillain on this, and agree it should only be shorter if the trapper isn’t inside.


So, over on the telemetry thread Macman said they’re looking at a 10 second dome if the trapper isn’t inside of it


You can put a drone on top of your head?


Oh so at most it can be a stall tactic? I guess. But I feel like as soon as the Trapper exits the dome radius it should just cancel.


Yeah, Macman likes the idea of using it to get away as the last person standing, but being stuck by yourself for a full minute was too much.