New Super stage 4 [DEVS PLZ READ]


I was thinking that a monster if he gets to stage 3 without a scratch on his health ( that counts to any damage including wildlife) he can go Super stage 4 but at the cost of EXTREAM speed lost and basicly his armor gets a lardge buff so also his attack BUT his health drains slowly (Cuase by a side effect that the monster isnt supose to do it but can) .

So to defeat him the hunters must either keep AWAY from him till he burns out ( Kind of vice versa of the whole hunters chase monster story) or try to beat him but he WILL be mostly OP.

Stratigys as to the hunters trying to stall him 1 by 1 or the trapper teleporting dome trick to slow him down.

It could be a new game mode or chage hunt to a survive game mode if the beast gets to that stage.

Also all 4 abilitys would all be full in a 4th stage.

Short sum up : the monster is OP but just enought sothat it wont be 1 hit kill ( AND WONT BE NERF IN THIS STAGE! ) with him chasing the hunters as his health gradually drains ( Also eating would slow this draining effect but it will gain speed if he doesnt eat forcing him to stop and eat something sothat he cant catch up with the hunters fast. If the beast catches up to the team and kills them he wins a bigger bonus at the next map ( or not) or if the hunters wait the beast out and he burns out ( cuase by the beast not suposing to go to that stage but he does anyway)

If he has a minion while he reachhes stage 4 the minion dies creating a bonus food source for the super beast.

If the devs can manage evolve the beast’s abilitys too

, eg Wraith’s decoy spawns 2 decoys ( remember that wraith is chacing them and the decoys will only help if she catches up or keeping wildlife away)

or make attacks more controlleable eg Goliath’s fire will be like a flamethrower if you hold that ability button in he will firebreath as long as you hold it in but he has a limit to how mutch.

or behemoth’s rock wall has spikes on damaging hunters touching or climbing them

Wraith’s abduct can also evolve that a decoy abducts the target so that wraith can plan her attack

Plz comment if you think it can work or changes . And plz this is ment to bring the OP back into the monster so none of that .


Ideas like this might be cool but the odds of being implemented are close to 0. Changes like this are very expensive in terms of cost of production.


Sounds brilliant, I’m all for it

Kinda like that mutation mode in Lfd2

Anyone remember the tank weeks? Haha thems were good times…

I don’t think the monster cannibalize though…


Yes! Implement this right now! I want to be a goliath with bigger spikes and turn to a monster that looks 175% more savage than a stage 3 goliath.

Or what about a mode that is specifically for a stage 4 monster, but it’s like story mode. You progress and then when you make it to the final round you fight a one of a kind monster that’s stage 4 on the hunter’s territory. And no, you cannot use the stage 4 monster because that’s OP. This will be an only story mode specifically for the hunters.


Maybe if the the monsters health didn’t degenerate. In that case you could just run Laz, sunny, markov, and daisy all day and just run.


I totally made a stage 4 monster thread. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Sunny even will say “good thing there’s no stage 4!!!” When the monster hits stage 3.


That would be stupid if it didnt lose health slowly a full health stage 3 any monsters will destroy like 80% of groups, something stronger would have almost a 100% win rate unless that person is dumb


I guess you don’y understand the sunny can boost you a mile away. All the hunters would have to do is run while the monster loses health. This idea to begin with is flawed so your thinking that losing health would make this viable is sorely incorrect.


And a monster with stage 4 ability would more then likely one shot a fully no health hunter? It’s already way sided toward a stage 3 monster anything stronger would be unbalanced without something to make it easier, hunters can’t outside a monster forever


You are welcome to dream, but this will never happen.

Also, a monster reaching stage 3 without a scratch? This just doesn’t happen on the higher skill levels.


Im just saying the hunters could go to the outermost corners of the map and spli up. By the time you find one your health would have takken a pretty bad hit and you still have to find three more not to mention the respawn timer


would be nice for a specific mode.


Sunny can’t boost herself away, so she’ll die first and then no more boost. Problem solved itself.


Nope now you have to find the other three in under two minutes giving sunny time to respawn


people cant even win agaiststage 3 and you want a stage 4


That’s what i said lmao