New streamer need some tips


So i bought my self a capture card got a nice little overlay and OBS etc all working :slight_smile: now i could use some tips on how to keep te stream entertaining. i will be playing a variety of game’s and have some random fun with my friends. and i wanna do something to keep it fun for everybody watching :D! Here is my twitch channel so you can judge my page and what i have set-up at the moment.




Yeah we all like Giveaways but what should i give away? and since i donth have the biggest budget yet it is not gonna be some expensive stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


What I do is making the chat visible on the screen and try to interact with people.
I also bought a couple of albums by Miracle Of Sound, and he allow you to use his music on your streams as long as you leave proper credit and track name!

@MaddCow I summon thee!


How do you get you’re music in you’re stream? been trying to find this out but couldnt find anything…


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For me I use 2 monitors. Well, a TV and a Monitor when I stream. My game is on the tv and my stream is on the other monitor. I try to pay attention to chat during loading screens/slow parts etc… However, when I play Evolve I usually don’t notice chat unless I am evolving as the game uses a lot of my thought processes against good teams and as such I don’t look away from the game often.

Personally, I am not a fan of webcams and overlays. I feel that most people want to watch the game, not the hud/gamer etc… However, I know that I could be a minority.

I also don’t run music in the background as it tends to distract from what I’m doing. However, it also depends on WHAT you are doing. Grinding for 10 hours, sure, put up some music. However, I usually try to educate my viewers with tips, tactics, advice, strategy etc… So my twitch channel is fairly different than others.

The best thing to keep it entertaining is find out why you are streaming. Is it to educate, to make people laugh, to troll etc… That is the biggest thing. Find what your goal is and start there. What is it that you are streaming for? What is your purpose?


You mean so it pop up? Because I am going to assume you know how windows media player/VLC work. :wink:

I use SMG, but I have some issues with it, where it get stuck showing the first song in the album. A bit of refreshing fix it, tough.


I do know how they work :stuck_out_tongue: but since i am an xbox player and just use OBS to broadcast it to twitch. and want to use youtube for the best expirience.

@MaddCow i just wanna have fun playing my games and hilarious moments with my friend. and want to share that with people on twitch :slight_smile:

The overlay i have is just a tiny tiny thing with my name in it etc.

1 have 2 monitors 1 for my xbox and 1 for my pc where i have the stream up. do you know how to add music from youtube onto OBS with xbox gameplay?


Haha i have 2 sisters and 1 GF but both are not into gaming :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Also my sisters are not that atractive and fat… so wonth lure in peepz haha


If this is the case, make sure you get a decent mic and just keep talking with your friend as you are playing. If it is a single player game, bounce commentary off eachother or have the chat pick topics of discussion for the two of you to talk about. If you are both playing, just be vocal about what you are doing.


My friend lives in the states and i in the netherlands haha so we will only be doing mp games togheter but there is livelyness even withouth the stream on haha :stuck_out_tongue: Singleplayer games i will be playing on my own or just in the party. Thanks for the good tips tough this is really helpfull :smiley:


Sorry for hijacking the thread but this is a topic that interests me too. I wonder if my problem is lack of marketing, being too quiet/unentertaing, not being “different” enough or whatever else. My stream usually sits at one viewer for the most part – myself, with one or other viewer hopping in and out for a couple of seconds.


No problem this thread is for all that seek guidance :wink:


@MaddCow this man named @StrikerX3 needs your help to :smile:


It’s like Youtube. Breaking your first 100 subs on Youtube takes a while. Same with Twitch. Breaking into double digits can take a while. The biggest thing, I feel, is to try and get people from different areas to help build. For instance, I use facebook, twitter, youtube and twitch all helping eachother. My YT subs come check out my twitch and vice versa. It can take a while.

I had HUGE success on my YT channel with my Gold Medal walkthrough for Defense Grid 2. I didn’t even have a mic but it easily raked in thousands of views. My let’s plays. Maybe a dozen. It just depends. I think that the best thing to do is to do something that makes you different than anyone else. When I started up I realized that I wouldn’t be able to compete against the people with thousands of viewers and millions of subs. So I took niche games (Defense Grid 2) and started there. That got me a bit of startup. Once you have a good amount of subs, people take your channel more seriously. Same thing with twitch.

People with less than 10 don’t get noticed. However, once you have a bunch people might hop in just to check you out. That is where you can try to seal the deal. Try to get hosted by other streamers that you are acquainted with. It’s all one large community. I really feel that the best way to get started is to NOT be like everyone else. It’s like creating a new water bottle brand and competing against Avian etc… it just won’t work. Being different will help you get started/noticed easier imo.


Already ahead of ya :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweet! Bookmarking for future reference.


This is really good info!! the only issue i have with it is that i am not into youtube and never will be. i find twitch way more fun since it live and more direct then posting a video on youtube


Those were just examples. What I meant by it is that creating a network of social media will find people that normally wouldn’t find you through one means. For example, if you only play football on channel 20 at 7:00 PM, you will only get a few people. However, if you play football on channel 20 at 7:00 and 9:00, channel 22 at 4:00, commentate live games on the radio on Thursdays, and help ref live games every weekend, eventually more people will be found and brought in this way.