New Streamer Looking for advice and people to play with (:


Hi I’m a new streamer who’s just getting started! (I’ve been a Reddit lurker for a while now and made an account for the purpose of hopefully becoming a well known streamer) I’ve had a lot of problems with my voice growing up and i thought maybe this could help me get over it. I really would appreciate just any advice to get past the awkwardness i have streaming so far. I don’t care too much for viewer count or anything cause this stream is mostly to make friends and entertain, but the largest problem is getting people to watch. I’m a pretty shy person as well and have been trying to become well more extroverted so if you have advice of any kind i would appreciate it. :smiley: Also thank you for those who do read this. Hopefully we can play together soon :grinning:


best advice for voice confidence


thanks man (: