New strategies with laz


ok so i was thinking and the biggest controversy is whether laz is a good medic or not, i thought of some good strategies with laz that are outside of the box,

like since he is such a good agro attraction, one could use laz to bring the monster into a suitable spot where markov can have his mines and hank uses is orbial barrage or cabot is dam amp or maybe torvalds mortars instead of markovs mines


Gas Grenade + Flamethrower + Griffin harpoon + Orbital Barrage and then shielding the targeted Laz… I think it might completely destroy any monster’s armor if he’s stuck there for even a couple seconds. I know I’ve had my armor knocked down to half within just a couple seconds before.

You’re quite right though, if the Laz is good you could definitely pull off some good traps. Just gotta make sure support is just as good. He’s gotta shield and potentially cloak Laz afterwards if the need arises.


The best new Laz strat I’ve heard of is the one MaddCow mentioned in one of his community coaching vids. Basically, it revolves around using Laz as a threat more than actual game element. The team throws the Support out as bait. When he/she goes down, the Assault punishes the monster if he body-camps. Laz is far away while this goes on. The monster can cut his losses and run, which will lead to a Laz revive and no progress, or he can camp thee body for a minute, taking massive damage in the process and more than making up the one strike for the hunters.

Just something cool I heard :smiley_cat:


That one’s not really “new” to me… it’s just I’ve had an incredibly difficult time making people do such things.
It is, indeed, very cool when it’s handled the right way xD


As usual, such complex strats only work with pre-made groups. Good luck getting pubs to do anything competent…


It’s not complex, people just seem oddly resistant to that idea. “hey guys, the monster’s on the body. preventing me from doing my job. standing still. shoot the crap out of him or something”




Relative to the the “stand and shoot the monster until I die” strategies I see most often, it’s pretty complex :smiley_cat:

Seriously though, pubs’ inability to punish a monster for body-camping is infuriating.


Yea it’s something that could only really be done with a pre made team, another one I think would be interesting is reviving a monster like an armadon, or something like that during a fight, bc i know that some animals prefer to fight the monster than the hunters, so revive one of those during a fight to help the team, this would require more research and planning but itd be somewhat useful as well


He’s not a medic, he’s a lazarus man. He literally says this (paraphrased) in the game.

Monster can trade free damage on himself for a strike and a dropship timer, or give up on the strike to avoid damage, but only if the lazarus is willing to focus on avoiding the monster, and everyone else punishes it when it camps.


Ya, I feel that these individuals require better than average teamwork to really shine.

Val, Laz, Slim, Bucket, Cabot, Griffin. The rest can sort of be ‘yoloish’ and work but these guys tend to require a bit more coordination to really have them work well.