New Slim Opinions


As a hunter so far, I have been playing with Slim a bit since the update. I gotta say, he is better than ever. The spore cloud, even with the duration buff, feels amazing. It isnt annoying at all, and he relies on his healing more than it now, which has also been improved. Right now he just seems very balanced, and feels nice to fight as and against.


Did you mean as a monster?


He mean that hes a hunter player, and that slim is not annoying to play


Yeah, what BEAF said. He isnt annoying for hunters either now, and he used to be because of all of those spores. I would say hes in a perfect spot right now.


I loved him at launch, then he got bad, then good again


I think he’s perfect now.


I agree


I’ve said for a while slim just needed the itsy bitsy tiniest of changes, and he got them and now I think he’s perfectly balanced, both to fight and to play as :blush:


I still worry a little when I see a slim picked, but there are people out there who do well with Slim, especially now. I like where he’s at I guess, just got to hope the player in control knows they’re going to have a lot of responsibility haha.


How was he exactly balanced in the last patch? Less spores? Haven’t studied that one yet, played against his bot and he was annoying as ever.


Spores last longer and healing is more effective, but the spores no longer do that annoying particle effect and are much easier to see through.


Ahh, that’s interesting, I haven’t noticed it, though. Spores lasting longer does sound a bit backwards…What incentive is there to not continuously spam spores? Medic or sporemonger? Though I know this point may be too much of a July thing…


You should be using spores as much as you can. They are just much less effective just because of the particle effect change.


I saw two, kind of circles, when shot the spore. What are those? Before it was just one big cloud of spore.

Haven’t played in a long time, so sry if this a stupid question :blush:

AND while I’m at it, is there a thread or something where I can see the current state of the game? I mean like characters dps. and so on…


It makes a very visible bubble, so you can see the edges. I think the second giant bubble is just there for visuals, I doubt it has that much range


Okay. Thanks.


Weird. Been playing Slim since he started on free rotation and it feels like spores do next to nothing. If it’s supposed to make the monster have a hard time seeing the hunters then… Sorry, but I just don’t see that happening. Monsters are constantly on top of targets no matter how often I use that weapon. =/


This was posted 8 months ago lmao


Looked like it was on the front page to me? o_0


Nope, this was from back when it got its first major change.