New skin speculation


Sooooooo what if these voodoo skins are hinting at a necromancer hunter or monster


You mean Laz?


Still wish we could revivify the monster, like those last seconds on defend or if Laz is quick. Would be funny, to hear the squad, " Laz, what the fuck!?"

A necro monster that can revive wildlife to fight would be dope.


I feel like Laz should be able to rez wildlife to fight for him. Like…Why not?


Cuz Mammoth birds ಠ_ಠ
Did somebody say “OP as hell”?


But I want to raise an army of Mammoth Birds.


Maybe then Laz will become viable


Running from the monster who is wounded 2 bars of health. Laz resurrects a group of elec birds. Then Goliath rushes Laz only to meet his doom in the pit of mammoth birds.

Should win an Oscar.


Kill Albino Tyrant
Tame Albino Tyrant
Cuz that wouldn’t break the game ^.-


This is my cat Oscar. Win yours today! @RizeMjolnir


I’d like to thank God because none of these speeches would be complete without him. And I wanna thank the mammoth birds who were eaten in the making of the film, and Goliath , rip Goliath.


i speculate arctic hank and arctic val


And maybe even Arctic Goliath
Thatd be cool


So freaking tru…


i see him now he looks fabulichious


I want an Arctic Wraith, thatd look gorgous :heart_eyes:


but do you think they will do that its called hunters quest


True. Idk, its up to them


evolve monsters quest confirmed 11/10 ign


behemoth needs skins im tired of seeing plain ones