New Skin Idea: "Cupcake Skin"!


Hey “roses” i forgot to ask you why’d you change your name!? Or did something happen which of im not aware!?


Using my highly evolved (paint) program skills, I have made a prototype for what this skin may look like.


She changed her name to match her steam name. ^.^
Plus roses are pretty of course. :smile:


To make it easier for @Shin to obnoxiously flirt with me like an awkward teenager.

…Yeah, to match my Steam name.


Eugh, that skin would be to OP. Nerf please.

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It would look something like this:
(this is the closest rendition I could make it, i’m not very good at this stuff :confused: )


I think it looks interesting… O.o


Yea, that’s great. :smiley:


yes please!


Maybe make it a LITTLE closer to the first one and add the cake look like the bread not the icing other wise its awesome Photoshop skills too op plz nerf


@Azmi_Anuar >.>


Why are you doing this?!

The monsters are supposed to think the hunters look tasty, not the other way around fool!


Yeah it looked like it may blend better but what do i know


This looks pretty epic :smiley:


Can we start a petition for Cupcake Skins? Because I wanna be first on that list.


aww why?? Cupcakes are awesome


I mean to have them put in the game, lol. I hunger for them!


Oh okay well petition is usually against something


Either way, I would like to start something to get enough people asking for Cupcake Skins so whoever makes the skins for the game will put them in.