New skin, Gorgon-Zola


Best description. :'D

Gorgon-Zola Skin

I’m going to be playing Kala all month, but this is cool!


Sledge put hers in the right category… :stuck_out_tongue:


Gorgon-Zola Skin for Gorgon! Very amused, had to get it:


What is this? Is This real?


Woo, eerie. Stuff like this makes me miss Colt’s skin spotlight vids. I like to see it in 3D surround before I buy.


Check it out in the store right now.


Now I got even more excuses to keep calling her Gorgonzola as a nickname



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@ToiletWraith Beat you to it by a minute Sledge!


Look at the text…tasty yet terrifying! Get the Zola skin to dress Gorgon with a salty, creamy bite!



I don’t see it yet


There we go, fixed TW’s category and merged mine into hers.


It ought to be showing itself under the monster category.


I do t have kala the character yet, I’m on Xbox in North America


Have you gotten the Kala update? Perhaps it hasn’t dropped for you yet? The skin will probably drop once Kala does.


I have not gotten the update. It will be. Between 4 to 6 pm


Better than fucking miley.


I love this so much, I’m updating evolve now, when it’s ready to launch I get this one immediately!!