New silhouettes sometime soon?


Anyone have any idea when we will be hinted at the next hunters and monster?


I would say not for another month or two.


Jesus dude are you serious? A month maybe, but 2 is gonna be cutting it really close on the game population, i hope you mean until we get them, because if its a month or 2 to get silhouettes were screwed


To be fair, it takes more than a couple months to slap a new tier together, as well as hey don’'t like to have teaser info out for long before the official announcement. They usually do a reveal, and then pretty shortly after have the official info/release.


Sorry for freakin out, but i would figure they already had a few extra tiers in development when they released, so they were sure theyd be coming out on time, games usually only have a month between releases and or at least the next reveal


And they released T4 within a month of release. That being said, being in development and ready to ship are two different things. They are still working on balance with T4 so that might be slowing T5 a touch. It just depends on if all the models/animations/sounds are done and they are working on balance tweaks with T5 or not.


Damn man, i would figure wed have a silhouette release some time pretty soon


I’m sure they have a rough outline of what the next tier looks like, I’m hoping a new “season pass” comes out soon with new silhouettes too. Though I’m more interested in the monster, as usual. Hopefully its something REALLY unique.


Yea im just ready for something, i like having things to look forward to


I just want a monster tease.


Anything anything we need to be fed


I hope day 1 bugs are getting fixed before they come with dlc that includes more bugs, game devs tend to forget this.


Yea id hope so too but if we wait for everything to get fixed well never get next tier, to many bugs caused by bug fixes