"New" Section is missing on mobile

In the little drop down menu where you can go to Dev Tracker, or the latest topics, the “new” section is missing.

It’s still there on PC as far as I’m aware, just vanished on Mobile.

EDIT: the new section can still be accessed through the 3 bars on the top right


@discourse is this intentional?

I’d guess it pops back up when there’s a new topic to read. Maybe if there are no new topics that option is removed from the drop down list?

This is the first time the new section has ever disappeared for me, even when there are no new threads.

I can see if it pops back up when a new topic is made.

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It’s the same for me too. It could be something to do with a new update though.

Potentially, but I don’t see why they would intentionally do this. Surely its more practical to expressly say “There are 0 new threads” rather than hide the new section. That only leads to confusion, as we’re seeing here.

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I’ve just read all of my unread topics and the ‘unread’ option disappeared from the drop down menu.


Must be a change made in the last update. :man_shrugging:

Same on desktop btw. Figured it was just part of an update :man_shrugging:

This may change things. I say we wait for discourse’s response, but this is looking like a closed thread in the near future.

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So yea, they did an update on how these sections work. If you have Unreads or New topics then it will appear but otherwise, they are down

They also changed the Like button

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Correct, this was a recent change (~18 days ago):

We no longer show new or unread when they are empty and the user is TL1 or higher. This was a suggestion from the community with discussion here:


cheeky post before close


Thanks for the confirmation. :slight_smile: