NEW SCREENSHOTS - Ability Crafting?


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I’m curious to know what everybody makes of this new screenshot…

It’s obviously making use of points for leveling up or crafting Goliath’s abilities/attacks, but I’m curious as to whether it’s an in-game situation (related to evolving to the next stage) or if it’s a main menu type of deal, crafting attacks with points gained from leveling up or something…

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Its a new take on evolving. They are giving some ability points to spend however the monster chooses at start. As you evolve you get more points to spend. It adds to play style and what strategy to use as either hunter or monster. At first you got one or two abilities and the other two after evolving but that cause balance issues and less fluid play due to ability cool downs. This system allows a deeper meaning to strategy and combo useage, such as range or melee etc…It also allows the abilities to be weaker or stronger depending on your ability spread and that alone allows for less predictability.


That’s the menu to pick characters before you play a match. For Goliath, you start with three skill points, allowing you to distribute your points across three different abilities or completely max out one if you’re confident enough.

For example, if you start by upgrading to a level three rock throw, you’ll inflict a much larger amount of damage compared to a level one rock throw, but you have no melee abilities apart from your standard swipe/claw attack, meaning you will have to stay relatively far away from the hunters to do successful attacks. Hunters could then strategise against this by getting as safely close to you as possible, which would explain why there would be a need to mix abilities.

Once you get to level two, you unlock three more skill points, which again could be distributed or used entirely on one ability. The same rules apply with level three, so in the end you could have three completely maxed out abilities, or a variety of different combinations.

Overall it just helps to give more variety to the gameplay, allowing more strategies to be formed and letting people play “their” way. It was a very good decision to change the skill system to this in my opinion.


From what I’ve heard/seen you earn 3 points per evolution


Nothing realy new … but this


It’s also worth mentioning perks too. From when I played, there were three to pick from, one gave you a boost to attack, one gave a boost for feeding faster and one gave a boost for armour.
It was displayed in something like a three by four table (three along, four down if I remember correctly) and the bottom three rows were blank, which could possibly be spaces for other perks that are going to be revealed.


OOH! I just re read the Offical Playstation Magazine. There’s a short line that Goliath originally could burrow, but it was repurposed for another monster.


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Ok, but your leveling path is decided before the match starts right? You aren’t going to have to stop mid game and allocate points will you?


You start the game, choose three slots for your skill points and then the game begins with you (as a monster) at level one. When you are evolving in the cocoon to stage 2, a menu appears like the one you see before the match begins, letting you pick spaces for another three slots for abilities. This repeats for stage 3.

Source: Played Evolve at the Gadget Show live


Sounds like that would give the hunters time to catch up with you.


That’s why choosing when and where to evolve is so crucial to game strategy. You need to make sure you have enough time and distance from the Hunters to evolve and level up your skills before they can find you.


Is there any kind of “debuff” or something where you take less/extra damage while evolving? Or is it just normal damage but you can’t respond until your evolution is final?


I think it’s just normal damage until you come out the cocoon. I remember hearing that the Goliath evolved to level three, but he’d been attacked in his cocoon as he was staging up so when he came out he had no armour.


Well that’s good, so you have a little bit of a buffer if the hunters discover you just a bit too early.


I believe you take extra damage while you’re cocooned and you always lose your armor when you evolve which is why it’s really important to get back to eating wildlife right away.


So it’s ALWAYS imperative that you evolve in a safer place away from the Hunters, unless they catch up to you and then, you’re basically screwed!


Ah, I thought that might be the case, although I imagine this is all “subject to change” ;).


Are you saying that when you meet the requirements to evolve, you don’t evolve immediately and get to choose when to actually evolve? Was concerned when I saw Goliath evolving which puts him in a non-player-controlled situation/animation which can be really dangerous.