New rulings for Evolve (TGL)


There’s going to be a new tournament league for Evolve. The Gentlemen League (TGL) Rules are hunter team gets to ban a monster, then hunters declare a class, monster player bans one character from that class, hunters reveal which one they will choose fomo that class. This happens for all classes, then after all hunter characters are picked, monster player gets to pick their monster. it will happen only on saturdays.

With that out of the way, I think ranked mode on the actual game should follow these rules. Even if just in a normal skirmish. I think it would be one of the most positive changes that can happen. People can play games without fearing a certain comp or monster.



The whole point of the game is to improve your skill as a player and learn from your losses against different hunters and comps.

  1. How would you even incorporate this? How would they communicate if they were micless?
  2. The new system is designed to make it more enjoyable to watch and to ban ridiculous comps like Sunny, Griffin, Val, Torvald. These comps aren’t a problem at all in Skirmish, and while they are in Hunt, no one else is watching it.


There’s already a bigger and more official thread with all the info for this tourney

and another thread that has a different topic of discussion

Please use those threads to discuss TGL or to look up info regarding TGL


I was just letting people know where the rules came from, the topic is about using those rules in game itself rather than the league.


Simple, a menu system. You just click the character you want to ban, click character you want to use, move on to the next. I’m not suggesting people watch ranked mode for the rules, I’d rather have more control over ranked mode with who I am going against. Certain comps are just fatal to certain monsters. People can practice on skirmish.


Hmm… not a bad idea. Not sure how feasible that is, but that could work if it were to be implemented.


Exactly. My personal hated comp is Val, Sunny, Griffin, Parnell. Tranqs and harpoons keep me from going far, sound spikes reveal me when I am high tailing it away, add in sunny’s boost and if she happens to get parnell near me, then he pops super soldier and it takes even more time to get out of shooting distance so I can eat, by that time dome is recharged. It’s a headache.


I hate Sunny, Caira, Parnell and Griffin. If there is a single sound spike on the map then you will get revealed when Evolving. A good Caira, Sunny Parnell camp will always tear into you during the Evolve.


It would be a very nice idea to do that also in public games. I would ban op Sunny the whole day.