New Programming Game CRASH 'EM


Just wanted to spread the word on this. I am a big fan of Robo Rally and this plays along a similar vein but more in-your-face. You’re a monster truck in a demolition derby! On Kickstarter now and it could use the help.

I really hope if the goal isn’t met that the game gets made anyway. I don’t think my son is ready yet for Robo Rally, and Robot Turtles is too young for him methinks…but this will be perfect! Plus…he loves demolition derbys and monster trucks. Then again, who doesn’t?!

Edit…I am not sure why but I can’t ever give direct links to campaigns proper…it only ever inserts the promo videos. Just go to Kickstarter and look it up to become a backer or click the link embedded in this video:

Gameplay How To:


I grew up on robot arena 2. Robot arena 3 should be coming out in the summer too, and I’m hyped for it. I’m at school and can’t watch the video but are there any objectives/gamemodes in the game?


This is actually a board game, but I could see a robot fighting version playing similarly…they could reskin this easily enough, but this has monster trucks attacking each other instead of robots. That said, I was unaware of Robot Arena and after briefly looking into it, I’m excited for the third version this summer! I LOVE Robot Wars!


From watching the Kickstarter without sound, it looks really cool. The board is big and if the trucks are customizable then this game would be kick-ass at my raves. I love the interesting concept too. I might just back.


I love this!