New Policy Update regarding Name Changes and Alt Accounts


It has come to our attention that some users like to have their name changed or have an alternate account here on these forums. After much discussion we, the Leaders, Moderators and Devs have decided that we will no longer allow alternate accounts or name changes. (Barring severe circumstances) We feel that having name changes and alternate accounts allows users the freedom to avoid consequences for previous actions and it also provides confusion for regulars who visit to see someone with a different name. The community FAQ has been updated regarding these policies.

Anyone who has changed their name on the site will have 1 week from today to come to us IF they want to change it back to what it originally was. Any alternate accounts created today, and going forward, will be automatically deleted. We will be reaching out to those that have alternate accounts and discuss what the next steps involved will be. If you have any questions, please reach our to the moderator team.

Thank you for your understanding!

-The Dev, Moderator and Leader teams.


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