New players: Want to own 10 out of 35 characters by November?

Well, lucky you… all you need to do is play through October!

For a start there are an amazing 4 characters that will be given to you, no strings attached, just for logging in daily in October

###On top of that a person that logs in every day will earn a mighty 42,500 :silverkey:!

Play a couple of hours a week each week in October as well as logging in daily and the keys rewards you’ll get from completing matches, completing daily and periodic challenges, levelling up, and completing accolades will top up that 42k to something high enough that you should be able to add another 4 of the cheapest characters to your roster, especially with different hunters going on 10% sale throughout the month

And of course you should have Goliath and Markov unlocked by completing the tutorials no matter what :wink:

Make sure you start playing/logging in on October the 1st at the latest to get the most bang for your buck in terms of your play time and commitment, and by the end of the month you could own almost a third of the available characters in the game :slight_smile:


This is partially why I’m not too worried about the prices. Looking back, I got quite a few characters for free. and my Perk grid got filled up in spite me not spending much on it either.

One just has to “keep playing” to earn Rewards. :slight_smile:


these free characters is a good way to promote gameplay / logins, i’d like to point out still, what if friends we invite later on that arent on the free characters daily ladder afterwards.

will the game have characters every month for login ?
the economy changes have made things different, that isn’t a bad thing. for example, as a requirement of experience with gains before buying a NEW* character. i had no idea about gold keys but should have seen it coming.

i dont want to sound complaining too but logging everyday is still a long process for players to actually start off with a hunter they like. it’s important they have a starting ground, by having hunters they like, they can be identified with, then take it from there. for someone jumping into the game, most likely they’d be fighting with a monster who has perks already.

even if experienced monsters are restricted, i’m sure it isn’t 24/7. somewhere along the way, monsters have perks, hunters are not completely filled.

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I’m guessing at some point they will have to rotate back in some old Punch Card rewards. Like… if you missed getting Renegade Abe last August… well you can probably get him NEXT August… or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s also possible by that time there will be new characters and for sure with the amount of time in-between you’d have enough keys to get some of the characters you missed out on.

I’m not too worried. It’s not like some F2P games that ensure you never get certain things unless you pay (see: STAR WARS The Old Republic)

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But that’s why asides from giving Characters away for free for Daily Log-In, Hunters and Monsters are on weekly Free Rotation… AND… you can also try the Characters out for a test drive in Training Mode.

So it’s not like you cannot experience or get a taste of the Characters you are itching to try out.

I’d say the system is very generous actually - sans the shock unannounced price increase.

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i made a discussion about How to invite newbie friends but some points are invalid due to Gold keys now.

i know the system means well, but my point is, the game rewards loyalty well as some game dont but it is still very limited for a newbie. they have 0 experience, 0 skill ((which more bonuses should be given instead)) - with that they are forced to play some characters.

the Counter is…
They have MARKOV. should newbies start with Markov ? yes. this is a plus point against what i’m talking and i agree. but what if we invite more than 1 friend. what if Kala is the free rotation character for newbies ? what if Torvald ? it has happened before. Torvald is terrible without perks, and worse without skills.

Tribes Ascend did the same thing, you have to buy characters but one problem was earning then was very difficult, then player count was little. we couldnt play other classes in tribes ascend as we wanted. in this case, the characters themselves were like “classes” , not many variations, just weapon differences, same suit.

First impression is always so important
have you ever liked a girl and want to take her out on a date ?

so in here, the first few gameplay with newbies is important whether they stay or not, they are still fairly limited. other points are in the thread.

That is a moot point. Anyone who aspired to be able to meet and date women started by not knowing and not having a persona with which to meet women with.

That is to say, you were limited to one class (“just being yourself”). But if anyone really loves the game they stick with it and develop the mastery necessary. Eventually you “unlock” the “classes” you need to be able to meet women anywhere - if you “stick with the game”.

For Evolve, I had no problems having just Markov at first and being forced to use occasionally the other Free Rotation characters. Though it would help to have persistent and “chat-able” Lobbies so that, say, a group of new players could have the chance to use Goliath, Markov, or other characters on their own little rotation match after match and be able to then share the experience better.

The hardest thing back then, and even now, is how solitary the experience of playing Evolve can be due to the fleeting nature of chat and lobbies.

What ?
In this point, the girl is the player, and the girl is Emma Watson. The girl has a choice of 1000 boyfriends. The guy is the game. The game as the guy has to leave the best impression possible for newbies. The best impression is subjective to what matters, we can talk ages about it. The girl, as in the player has tonnes of other guys to choose from, as to tonnes of other games to choose from. The point I’m trying to make is this, first few tries for newbies is really important and sensitive. You want to make it as inviting as possible so that they stay. We have 2 million unique players who installed the game ? Good.

Some players on steam have 100s to thousands of games. Believe me, a lot of FPS gamers in the world. Believe me, a lot of FPS games out there, For Freeee. League of Legends, CSGO and Dota obviously have More toxic players. LoL has the most toxic community in the world. Evolve isn’t to say toxic tho once awhile u meet some childish players, but how is it LoL has more players ? If I like competitive games like CSGO, why wouldn’t I like Evolve ? Btw, I solo queued to DMG rank, my other friends are Supreme to Global now. So my point of saying why arent more CSGO players involved with Evolve is credible.
^Which is actually still a small point. Not really a biggy. True “if anyone loves the game”, they’ll stick around. It’s still not the best mentality to have as a game. You want to invite as many customers as possible.

So I hope you have read my thread. And…
Did you notice what I wrote about Kala and Torvald ? These are more important. Then I said what if we invite more than 1 friend, so can both of the 2 or 3 guys play Markov at the same time ? That’s the point I’m trying to make.
I have not talked anything about chat lobbies, there is discord anyway if we want to queue with friends.

also here, from

It’s a F2P game, and a new player is presented with a login rewards chart that tells them if they keep logging in they’ll get 4 characters for free, they go through the tutorials and get 2 characters for playing. They get to a proper game and see that 5 of the 35 characters are on rotation, and that they can try the latest and greatest for free by playing against bots offline. After a couple of hours they should actually have accrued enough money that they’ll feel it’s only another couple of hours before they’ll have enough money to buy a new character.

I mean… we have a lot of people sitting around here saying what they think will and will not turn someone off… but tbh I don’t think that a new player’s first instinct is to look at the store prices that hard, because they have no context for how expensive those prices are. They’re more likely to just play for a bit. If anything is going to turn anyone off from Evolve it’s going to be the learning curve and the experience they have while solo queuing… by the time that it even comes to the “Oh well I’ve given these characters and classes a go since I am a new player and I don’t know what really any of it is about” and decide to go to the store they have 2 characters in their pocket, knowledge of the 4 they could get for free and enough cash to start to get a feel for progression vs pricing.

And it’s at that point that character is the main differentiator, and not the game. We’ve already determined that this game is as good as if not more generous than other F2P games on the market that have this “hero” roster style such as MOBAs. So if people are going to get turned off of the game at this point (or before they’ve even given it a couple of hours in game) they are either

  1. Genuinely not interested in the game after giving it a fair shake
  2. Easily swayed by community members telling them that they should be angry about prices, for shame on those community members
  3. Don’t get what the F2P model is all about and that F2P means you have to actually put time into the game to earn your free shit
  4. Actually understand the value of it all, and enjoy the game, but are cheapskates and still believe they should get stuff for nothing because they believe they’re doing the developer a favour by playing the game in the first place

None of this is solved by lowering the price of in-game goods, sometimes things just don’t align and it is absolutely fine that there are people who will try Evolve and for their own reasons decide that it’s too “expensive” (even though it’s all free), because people are allowed to not “get” the model… because those people will have a problem with any F2P game, and not just Evolve… they are not F2P gamers.

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Oh I interpreted it as Emma Watson is the game and that if you really want to “win the game” you would put up with Emma Watson even if she does things like pick her nose in public. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also you might have in your mobile phone Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis, and maybe the entire Playboy Calendar model roster.

But if you really like “game”… how can you not give each of them the time of day until you find the one that’s right for you? :wink:

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Please, i have 2 accounts in evolve with gold skins.

my point is made, and your assumption about about me fascinated with celebrities dont impress me. i’ve already explained the question

Who said anything about trying to impress you?

I also do not care about gold skins. :wink:

oh its not about impressing me, everybody knows that. until i see you post something constructive, i’ll reply here the next time, not waste my time.

i dont care whether you care about gold skins either, if anyone loves the game, it would be me.

Edit: Wow, niaccurshi’s post, i didn’t see that. now that is something constructive, and worth my time. will reply later to it

Awesome post Niaccurshi!

Very helpful. I’m sure a lot of players will appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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Well rubbing out all your talk of girls (which wasn’t a good analogy anyway)… :stuck_out_tongue:

This did kick off with concerns about a starting impression and you feeling like having “just Markov” was a problem. I do admit that in the first hour (the first hour) of playing Evolve… and having unlocked Markov and Goliath in tutorials…

… I did momentarily imagine that it would have been great to unlock maybe one more Monster and one Hunter of each class by way of some of the other modes. Like you got a Trapper for doing the Co-Op first time… you get a Support for doing a Custom Training Match, etc.

Yes… you would have to go through a bit of hoops but I thought the idea was to ensure you had a “full deck” after going through the basics. And they would have to be the most versatile characters of each class (the “Markov” of each class)… like Bucket for Support… maybe Abe for Trapper… Caira for Medic?

That said… I did not find it a problem having just Markov, Goliath, and Free Rotations to start off, but doing it in a way where you are rewarded “assets” (rather than Keys) at first run of each mode or something would at least give people a higher sense of progression early on.

The only cure for “Noobs facing buffed Monsters” would be to take Evolve’s existing “Favors Hunters”/“Favors Monsters” code and take it to the next level, dividing the game into Zones.

  1. Hunt Zone - Which is where we all are today. (everyone x2 Keys rewards)
  2. Hunter Favored Zone - Recommended for New Hunters … ( + Triple Rewards for Monster Players)
  3. Monster Favored Zone - Recommended for New Monsters … (+ Triple Rewards for Hunter Players)

The “Favored Zones” could have special rules… similar to the buffs already being done for Non-Pre-Mades… and maybe say in the Hunter Favored Zones Monster Players can only use 2 perks instead of 3 or something and vice-versa on Hunters in the Monster Favored Zone.

Some games also institute a limitation, like you have to stay on some kind of Low Level Server which is quarantined against high level players to ensure that for a certain amount of time you are playing with everyone of the same experience level and “enjoying yourself”. That said, having “Favored Zones” solves the problem of players who try to start a new account just so they can fight noobs.

I’ve been away for so long, didnt even visit the forums lolol, so idk if anybody is still interested in this.

you have good valid points, ones that i do not exactly disagree. it’s like we’re both on one side of the opposite triangle pointing to the same thing.

my first post here, I said, what if people join in after this month. they missed out on the free characters, by November.

  1. so are there going to be more free characters in november ?
    answering yes or no, will bring about more questions.

  2. if yes, that means people from October get additional free characters. October free+november free. Do people in December get free characters ?

  3. if no, November players still face the same issue, more grinding. ((btw im sure they arent the same characters))

  4. my point of no.2, if… at this rate: that players are getting so many free characters. 2k is not making profit. why not just get rid of the free characters, and For Example
    use what i suggested, give a choice of 1 free character per class. no monsters. that’s it. dont give them too many free characters, but they had the choice of choosing 1 free. use it wisely.

that way, players choose carefully something they like and stick with it, something they can identify with. i’m trying to pointout, these free characters are time limited. what if the time ends ? give more ? wait wait wait, you can’t give more, we’re loosing profit. but if you don’t give more, players from 1 month benefits while the other dont.

this creates a pyramid of problems, that the longer someone starts the more debased they are. not only characters, perks are really hard to unlock !! a lot of queueing. and queue is long sometimes.

daily login give perks instead. say ONE of the slot 3 perk that is easily 5k.

dont think i am criticising or interjecting your points, like i said, we are pointing in the same direction. my point is, players MAY… MAY <— this word…
they May feel not only… 1. Burdened for the first few days. ((i’m talking both of unlocking characters and perks))
but also remember i talked in my post,
2. MAY Not like the free rotational characters.

like this past week, was it Torvald - Jack ? Now, how you expect complete newbies to use torvald / jack or Kala ? please think about this point no2.

These 2 points are important because, like i’ve also mentioned, it creates an impression for the newbies. Whenever or whatever an impression is a threat for them to leave the game, it has to be addressed.

meanwhile goliathsteak is talking about my “analogy” about leaving best impression for a date is a bad one lol… it’s not important but it works, idk what else is more important at leaving a best impression compared to the date you love.
and his post about different zones is actually separating more of the player base. it will not work. i hope Devs at least appreciate the point i’m making whether they implement it or not.

i agree with your points and i agree this is an f2p game. i support the gold keys. i support that they need funds in some way, its how the world works, but could that change to certain high tier characters only. we need basic simple ones available for newbies first.

i support that players shouldn’t give up so easily for this game, but believe me, people still do ! and if you’re the boss of a restaurant, every single customer counts. if your steak is good but pasta isnt, we have to fix the pasta.
i am encouraging an easier learning curve by newbies able to unlock simpler characters first.

but what is simpler is subjective to individual. griffin may be easier to somebody but not for me… so we let them choose. other points in the thread. thanks for reading