New Players Shouldn't Start Playing Rankeds


Sure you’ll probably reply saying “we don’t evenn have player in the first place”. and that’s totally true.

but just thinking about it, it’s just wrong that a new player can start playing rankeds without even knowing what a trapper is. not only on hunter side, on monster side too, it’s not fun destroying a determinating rank also because it gives me only 1 point. im not saying that determinating rank shouldn’t exist, but at least i think they should be lvl 35 or even 40 to play and unlock rankeds. it just ruins the gameplay to those who are a lot better thus becomes a waste of time for both sides.


rankeds should be locked for player below lvl 35 or even 40. imho.


I agree with all except make is 20 or 25


i promise you higher minimum level is, the better :wink:


Lvl 20s are still pretty new to the gamr especially if you don’t have anybody coaching you


not comparing games here, but, BUT, in league of legends you can only play rankeds if you are maximum level. and i think that should be in every game with a rank system


Totally disagree. This is the point of ranking them in the first place. If theyre new, and bad- Theyll get placed in an appropriate rank.

What about people who platform jump? They could be playing at an amazingly high level- And will be disallowed from playing ranked for who knows how many hours, because their level is too low?


Let ranked play do its job.


comparing football (or soccer):

you don’t qualify for the Champions League if you’re not playing in the maximum national league and if you’re not 1st in that league.

pretty simple actually


When it comes to DR’s, specifcally when I’m playing against them, I always feel bad. They’re new to this highly competitive game, and I’m worried that beating them down will only demoralize them, and think this game is too hard.

When they’re on the same team as me, I see it as an opportunity to give them feedback, and get the chance to explain some of the more advanced tactics. It’s only when they don’t listen that I… respectfully excuse myself and find a new group, or play with my friends.


i feel bad too. like very bad, seeing a goliath not destroying a maggie trap for like the entire duration of the dome, and seeing how he doesn’t know why he’s not going forward…


Then they fuck over the team. The level cap to play 2.0 helps new players AND regulars. I once lost 40 points to a new player who played Laz. That dropped me a league.

It’s not detrimental imo.


i think it would be helpful to have a lvl cap actually…

and pretty logic too


Yea i feel bad when i destroy them because there were no silvers on at the time… And i know its demoralizing to them and u see them rage quit and i think to myself " they are never gonna play again"


Level 10-20 cap would be nice


You could get that in only a few days of playing, that’s way too low.


Good suggestion, but this exact change has been suggested several times already ( also once by me about 3 months ago) and nothing has changed.

So if TRS wanted to apply this, they would do it already.

But maybe they are just waiting for playerbase boost after TU 9.0 and free week, who knows.


The only reason why Silver+ get matched with determining ranks in the first place is because there arent enough low level players to match them to begin with. Then due to the lack of players of their skill they get carried a few matches by 3 Silvers and bam, there they are in a higher tier than they should be. If anything there should be more low level players in ranked. (Or more players in general for that matter)


i know it works like that, im just saying that if there were a level cap for rankeds, at least someone could get to silver actually because he’s good… you know, without ruining gameplay experience of other hunters. cause i think when you reach level 40 you are “experienced”. you played enough of the game to know what you’re doing


I d rather 20

But some people only enjoy hunt and might not like arena - defend

We cant restrict them to reach level 20 into playing something they may not like


and again, level 20 cap is very useless, might as well not have it.

i feel like level cap for rankeds should be a thing, and it will improve quality of life of both hunters and monsters


You’re trying to separate the player base even more now, this isn’t what Evolve needs.