New players from last christmas


So how is everyone feeling about the new batch of players from last Christmas?



It sucks playing with them and against them, but it’s good that we have new players. The player base shall (hopefully) only increase from here, and I’m all for it.


I’m confused


^^;; What he said.


OT questions will get merged into his Questions Topic, but this one is on topic so no need. :slightly_smiling:


Alright, Coolio. I’ll delete my prior comments about that then.

Also, may I just say that it’s going to be awesome having two more active moderators around now. :smile:


I’m super happy that we have new players! Honestly, I’m used to playing with randoms, so their skills in battle don’t bother me that much. I just love that moment when you teach them how to do certain things and they start improving slowly, it’s just awesome! :smile:

I hope they keep coming! :bucket_salute:


I mean why u brought my quote about “what injury”


Old explain to me again what is happening


Nothing is happening, feel free to continue your discussion. :slightly_smiling:


I seem to get into matches much quicker than a month or two ago (up to 5mins compared to up to 20mins) and their skill level can vary…some seem to be getting the hang of the game whilst others I’m not so sure about. (a monster who completely ignored us and only tried to destroy the power relay for example). My biggest gripe is when you try to talk to a random/advice them and they don’t use a headset. But yeah, more players is a good thing.


If only we could make clones to populate the game with season players


I am going to be honest, I hate it

I would love new players,but when you see a low level, you lost…
If your the monster, easy win= waste of time

I find it, frustrating


Everyone has to start somewhere, your job as a vet should be to show them the way. Help them to play the right way. That way they stick around longer and the entire community benefits!


yea, thats kinda the problem… On ps4, there are many people who, umm, stubborn, or mean. I always get medics that don’t heal… I get on my mic and tell them heal, and they respond in a very hostile matter, saying I know what I am doing and/or I will do it when we fight the monster


In that case, you can lead a horse to water…


I taught a medic caira to heal today with only pings and shooting at my feet. It was pretty enjoyable seeing them figure out their kit.


Excellent! Glad you had a positive experience with new players. :+1:


I see it as they’re just trying to have fun to, while it can be frustrating they’ll get it in time :smile: . I like to let new monster escape sometimes so they can fight and try again. I think it’s better for them to lose the fight then to outright kill them .