New player with a few questions!


HI all, I’m new to the game and am trying to learn the basics. Seeing as there are so many hunters out now this is quite challenging, so I have a few questions.

I’m playing mostly as Monster, since I far enjoy third person games more than first person. I seem to be okay at it. I tried I single game of Ranked and lost, so I went back to quick match to learn more.

I’m playing mostly Meteor Goliath, Behemoth and Kraken. I’ll be moving to Elder Kraken whenever he comes out. What are the biggest weaknesses I should be aware of in these monsters?

I have a hard time vs Kala and Lennox. They just always do so much damage to me. Whats up with this?

The community contests are done when? I don’t want to miss one.

I mainly play Cabot, Bucket or EMET when I have to play hunters. I feel like I’ve improved my monster gameplay a lot from when I started. But I still feel overwhelmed at times.

I’m on ps4, if that makes any difference.

Finally, I played on pc a bit back when the game very first came out. I didn’t get too into though, and waited for all the DLC to come to an eventual Game of the Year edition. What major changes should I be aware of? Monsters in S3 feel weaker now, for whatever reason. But maybe that’s just me?


Hello welcome to the forums and game

Use this to figure out how everything works here.

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I play a lot of meteor Goliath myself . His weakness is burst (at times) it depends how you play him. You’ll want to spread his DOT at all times and make sure everyone is burning . Never let the burn stop, it keeps the pressure on the medic. While everyone’s burning go after the medic, make their job as hard as possible. He’s more agile then OG Goliath, so use that to your advantage.

The build I use is
#Stage 1

  • 2 Fire breath
  • 1 Leap Smash
    #Stage 2
  • 3 Fire breath
  • 2 Leap Smash
  • 1 Charge
    #Stage 3
  • 3 Fire breath
  • 3 Leap Smash
  • 2 Charge
  • 1 Rock Throw.

Community contests are taking place at weekends, if there are no other events (competitive as an example).
I am hunter main. Sry that I can not give you advice at playing monster.


If you mean wraith when you say s3 monster it probably feels weaker because it was nerfed


Mostly Kraken/Goliath. Wraith still feels decently strong, honestly.


Where can I find what this weekend’s is? What is this weekend’s?


I’ve been ignoring Leap Smash. Is it really that good?


To me it is. It’s got movement utility, burn damage, normal base damage, it’s good all around. And it’s AOE

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As far as fighting against hunters, I would be able to help you out a metric ton if you ever decide to pick up Gorgon. Shes utter pain train when played well.

And as for hunter comps you want to watch out for

Lennox + any offensive support (Cabot & Kala) are going to be a huge thorn in your side. Lennox gets stacking damage every time she hits you. From 90 all the way to a chunking 360 per punch. However, he stacks get reset every time she takes damage so make sure you turn around and smack her every so often. Their team’s damage will take a big beating.

Some more scary combos.

Sunny + Val: Sunny and Val are notorious for their ability to chase monsters. A good Val will tranq you relentlessly, kind of neutering your ability to melee hunters. Sunny is able to keep her team, especially Val (medic) decently safe with her ability to give her allies extra boosts to their jetpacks. If possible, try to focus down Sunny. Val has good healing, but not enough to keep up with a Hunter being hard-focused. If Val is in poor position, Prioritize her as well. Hank and Val are also pretty solid. Do not focus anyone else on their team unless they are in poor position with Val and a Shield present on their team.

Hank/Sunny + Slim: This one rose again. Slim is a medic whose healing is absolutely bonkers, Slim is extremely dangerous to Meaty in a way he can heal his entire team very fast with rapidfire healbursts. A comp with Slim and no defensive support falls apart pretty fast, But if they have a good Sunny or Hank that focuses on saving and protecting Slim, You’ll be lucky to ever get a down against their team. The best thing to do is to Rush Slim down as hard as you can and deny any kind of escape. Just. Hit. The. Bugman.
Even if it costs you any health, A health strike against Slim will crumble their team.

Kala/Cabot + Lazarus: A grossly underestimated pair of medic and support. Lazarus has the ability to revive dead players without a health penalty. He can also do this while invisible. So it is a very good idea to down him first. He will normally try to cloak and hide, but you can smell footprints and see jetpack. So keep a keen eye out. Kala and Cabot go with this medic since they lack defensive tools and only exist to make your health and armor non-existent. If you cannot down Laz, always try to eat the body if its safe. Laz cannot revive people if they are eaten!

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I’ll try it out after I finish getting my Elite skin on Behemoth. I am so close…

I have noticed Laz comps are extremely…painful…to deal with. Particularly in arena. I lost to exclusively chip damage because even though I got their team down to just Laz twice he would invis and I’d have an extraordinary amount of trouble catching him as he would revive his team with no negatives. They simply chipped me to death both matches, insuring I wouldn’t play Arena again for quite awhile.

I also have been stuck on quite a few Hunter teams who just camp relay and then let the support sit the fight out while they throw bodies at the s3 monster till it dies from chip. I mostly see this with Kala comps where the Kala bails and the monster can’t find them before either timer or we chip it to death. I honestly have already grown to hate this tactic. It feels extremely chip and the win is a hollow one.

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Edit: Yes. Lazarus is a common complaint on new monsters. Dont worry. Hes pretty simple to counter. One thing that can help is blowing Laz’s cloak and then immediatly start focusing Cabot or Kala. His cloak has a long cooldown and it would be very risky for Laz to go and rez without a Cloak. This is essentially Baiting the Lazarus to come to you.

Yeah. Its going to be hard to down the entire team if Kala is there and its a relay fight.

If you down them and all they have going for them is Kala and their dropship timer, Start tearing up the Relay-So you can chip them to death.

One thing against Kala I cannot stress enough

Try not to lose so much health to her. If you escape by the skin of your teeth and you manage to get full armor, she’ll just remove it all and it will be a quick death for you. You also need to destroy any teleporters in your way


Laz just isn’t terribly fun to face since he rolls back any progress you make if you don’t take him down first.

I’ve made a habit of Rock Walling and eating any bodies now though. I don’t think he can revive what left, correct?

I Rock Walled myself in a relay one time this Kala tried to time me out. She ran and I won by relay. I think she got flamed for it though, since she left the moment the match ended.



Eating bodies completly denies Laz.

You can grab downed Hunters too you know. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe it`s a monument built by christians and we have understood the word weekend wrong. Maybe I am just not a native speaker. Who knows.


How do I grab Downed hunters?


Shoulda specified - Tounge Grab can grab Corpses and incapped hunters.

Its a good way to Troll Laz :stuck_out_tongue:


They used to be every weekend, but we began hosting tournaments every other week. The next one is next weekend, and every other weekend. This is the pattern. Challenge, tournament, challenge, tournament, etc. We do not have a challenge this weekend, however. It’s a tournament, so next week we’ll get one.

Kinda confused me when we switched over because I never saw the news and had to ask someone on here.

Upon completion of a community challenge, we get a skin awarded. If we fail, nobody gets it. It’s happened before.

The info for challenges are always posted here, on the forums, so just come here for that information.

We also have a site that is used to track challenge progress, and it’s here:


The community challenge is for all consoles or is each one (PC, Xbone, PS4) rated separately.