New player needs help


I’ve logged about 7 hours in this game since the stage 2 release and about 30 during alpha. I was doing alright back then, now the game is impossible for me. After I got about level 8 I started playing against 15-20 monsters and hunters and everyone seems to be very experienced and knows exactly where everything is. When I play hunter the monsters evolve in under a minute and annihilate us when I play monster it takes me upwards of 5 minutes to evolve because the hunters are always on top of me and if at any point they find me I am NEVER able to shake them off and regenerate armor. I’ve literally spent 2 entire minutes trying to disengage the hunters and never broke LoS for over 5 seconds.

I’ve spent 3 hours know on google and youtube researching strategies about the game and looking for these optimal feeding routes that the monster should take and the hunters should check first. I’ve only ever found videos demonstrating some of them but it’s incredibly annoying having to go through tons of video content and I can’t find any maps online.

It’s becoming really irritating because I was hoping that I could at least learn the basics like map layouts as I play but it feels like after 3,4 hours of play the experienced players start showing up and you either play outolosses or spend hours on youtube. Please direct me to guides, explanations and anything there is because I’m sick and tired of losing every time I play against people that have not just started… Alternatively let me of if this is the kind of game that requires hours of research to stay on top of the meta because I don’t want to deal with that crap. Even mobas which are infamous for their awful learning curves have never made me feel so helpless and outclassed when I started them.


I’d personally check out MaddCowQQ on twitch. He holds coaching sessions and you can learn a lot. He’s also a moderator here if you had questions. @MaddCow

There’s also @deanimate who loves Goliath almost as much as he loves cats.


Also keep in mind a lot of that is dated material. A lot of it may not apply to Stage 2!


Keep playing and learn routes and preferences. Have fun


Also most people don’t know what there doing so do it your way even practice in solo if you want


play customs, watch streams, and don’t quit! I believe the devs will be releasing some of the map elite wildlife locations soon.


I don’t have any videos edited currently, but my twitch VoD from 7-13-16 has me coaching as well as showing feeding routes on Distillery and Weather Control. On those maps I can usually hit Evolve around 1 minute 40 seconds.


I’m still learning Stage 2 but have a look some of the videos I put up to get an idea of how to do stuff like get evolve ready pretty quick, get away from the hunters after a dome etc

Easier to show than type a load of stuff

Cats are bae <3

  1. Be sure to check us out on Discord, there you can chat with us and get personal coaching.


Thank you for the replies guys. I’ve been checking them out but I just don’t get WHY does the game put me with players that are immeasurably more experienced than me? This last team I was up against had such great positioning for the entire 2 stages I only ever managed to knock out 1 player that I couldn’t keep from being revived, they we’re very well spread their CC was good and the dmg pressure was so high I could never manage to focus their healer.

Like I quite frankly don’t care if it’s better to play against good players it’s just NOT FUN. I’m NOT having fun being obliterated by VASTLY more experienced players. I’ve spent about 40 minutes watching the videos you guys provided but it’s still difficult to memorize all the spawns on all the maps… I’d like to play a as well… Can’t the game just pair me with trash level scrubs like me? I thought there was a vast influx of new players with stage 2.


Get to level 20 and get into ranked and play a lot. You will get a rank after 10 games and since more and more people play ranked day by day you will be finding yourself in matches that you can handle instead of premade and/or experienced teams that you now meet in hunt.
I suck at monster and ranked is my paradise because when (twice a month X-D ) I feel like playing monster, I get to play with crappy hunters that i can actually more or less handle. X-D
Just hold tight and enjoy until that lvl 20 mark :wink:


It can be frustrating. You need to get a feel about what to do against certain hunters. For example, I was having a HORRIBLE TIME against Rogue Val, until someone on this forum suggested ignoring her entirely or making her pop her heal burst so her AOE regen is turned off. It made a gigantic difference in my performance against team comps that included Rogue Val.


From my experience, I don’t think you HAVE to read and research the game for hours and hours just to become decent. I think that comes down to who you are, and what you want out of the game. I tend to think I’m a pretty decent Hunter - especially Trapper. I’m pretty bad at monster, but I can live that, and I practice on bots, etc., when I feel like it.

If you want to be awesome, and super strategic, then reading up on techniques and watching tutorials could be helpful. But it sounds like what you’re saying is, you just want to have some fun in the game without losing terribly every round? If that’s the case, I just want to mention that it doesn’t mean you have to read for 40 hours on techniques. If you invest a ton of effort like that and still do poorly, that probably won’t be fun for you - and would feel like work. My advice might be to play against bots with a single character a few rounds and learn what works and doesn’t work, as a basic guideline. Then, when you play against people - who are often better than bots - figure out what might still work with that character, and what doesn’t. Revise your strategies, then, and try to accumulate techniques that work well for you.

It takes practice to get a handle on the whole game, though. Taking it a character at a time might be helpful. I just figured I’d share my two cents, though, because what you’re describing sounds a lot like work. The game SHOULD be fun, so hopefully you find some enjoyment out of it soon.


Yeah exactly I’m trying to have some fun in my spare time playing with friends that I don’t get interact with often because lately we don’t share any interests. I’m trying to enjoy this game when I’m not working or competing in a different game but I think Evolve just isn’t for me.

Just barely started to get used to things and the new rotations comes in with a ton of new frustration. I can’t play elder kraken to save my life, the medic on rotation is underwhelming and I need to buy one if I don’t want our team to be at a disadvantage when I’m filling the role so on and so forth. I intended to play 3-5 matches a day with my mates but it seems absolutely impossible to enjoy the game at all like this. Every queue is “okay let’s see if the hunters/monster have just started the game like us or are experienced and have a ton of perks.” I’m not looking for more frustration in my life right now.


How many friends do you have that also play? If you can get 4-5, you can just do custom games for a while for practice, too.

Have you had ANY matches thus far where you had fun? I guess I’d say if you haven’t had any fun at all in the game so far after whatever number of hours, then perhaps you’re right, and it’s not the game for you. I just know that I, personally, don’t really research and study the game. I, uh, don’t have the time for that. Some people can and do, and more power to them. But I don’t think you need to feel like you have to just to have fun, or even to be good. The single best thing you can do to get better at the game is to play it a lot more. But in the meantime, if losing is really that frustrating for you, then it might just not be a good match for you?

That said, if you have had fun with the game sometimes, and it’s just your competitive urge that’s gnawing at you - I’d recommend sticking with it, and trying to chill out a little bit. Losses happen, and it’s fine. Don’t bear the weight of the need to win on your shoulders all the time. It’s a game, and it’s meant to be a fun experience, and you’d have a lot more fun if you take it as it comes, and do your best, because that’s all anyone can ask. It’s certainly fun to win, too, rather than lose - but the skill comes with experience, and the experience comes with time.


I’ve stopped enjoying myself at around the double digit levels. I have 2 friends and we play hunters together and if I decide to play alone for a bit I play monster. I can deal with being bad and I can usually find a way to enjoy myself in games despite being bad but here I find it impossible. I feel like I’m doing everything I’ve read as tips and tutorials or at lest I’m doing it to the best of my ability. I still don’t know the maps well but I can’t help it. The maps are mostly natural terrain which all looks the same to me and makes it really difficult to memorize it and to know what is where. It’s not like Overwatch for example where the maps are mostly building and towns and it’s easy to establish what’s where because the structures are very memorable.

I don’t have to always win but I want to feel like I’m having close games in which I stood a chance. I’ve literally 0 wins against good hunters and good monsters. I mean the type of hunters that are perfectly spread out so I can never hit more than 2 people with aoe attacks, constantly climbing up and down ledges, never letting me break LoS for more than 5-10 seconds and the monsters that manage to evolve in a minute. Every time I’m in a match like that I just want to drop the keyboard then and there because I feel like I’m going to lose just like I lost the 20 or so other games that I’ve played against similar players. It’s really disheartening. I don’t stop playing obviously but it’s hardly an enjoyable experience and a good 50% of my matches are like that.

It’s not like I don’t go in without a game plan. I always keep things in mind like

  • If there’s no specific circumstance focus the healer.
  • If there’s a Hank try to find in caves and buildings.
  • Hank is about as strong as a healer so he’s also a good focus target.
  • If playing Kraken be more conservative on stage one as he’s a lot more squishy.
  • Try to score strikes even at the cost of a bit of health.
  • Don’t be afraid to keep fighting if 2 or more hunters are down even if you’re at low health.
  • Sneak attack separated hunters or the last hunter alive for easy kills.

I keep similar mental notes for just about every role when I play it but decent players manage to put me in impossible situations that I simply don’t see a solution to every time.

Like this team of Val, griffin, Hyde and Sunny. Val and Griffin were always standing as separated as possible on top of cliffs if possible. I start out by focusing Val to make her pop the heal but I soon need to get rid of that pesky harpoon and I need to keep Sunny’s shielding drone in check. Trying fo focus on getting down Val and Sunny leads to Griffin doing whatever he wants cuz he’s on the other side of the map CCing and damaging me. Turing around to get him off his position leads to the others healing and shielding as much as they’d like but if I don’t give him any attention I’m CCed every time the harpoon is ready which gives Val and Sunny breathing room while I’m breaking the harpoon. All this while hide is melting me with his flamethrower.

I get that they’re simply better players, I acknowledge that but it it’s not like I’m going completely blind in the game and praying to win. This does cost an considerable amount of effort on my part and has so far never been enough to net a win on anything but players that run around and die to plants and that is incredibly frustrating.


It’s the exact same strategy over and over and I can’t deal with it. I don’t know if I’m getting matched against stacks or pubs but apparently everyone in Europe is capable of executing this strategy and I can not do anything against. Some games I lose without ever downing a hunter.


It takes time to “get it.” Seven hours isn’t long enough to be a seasoned, knowledgeable player in this game. It might be enough to know whether you enjoy it or not.

You might want to try adding some more experienced Steam players to your friends list, to try to get in more matches with those who are more seasoned. I don’t mean just so you can win, but so you can observe and learn from them in a more naturalistic way.

Some things you’re saying, like, “memorize the map” - that’s a very, uh, “meta” way of looking at the game. I don’t think memorization is necessary at this point? Just open the minimap, observe the boundaries, and try to develop skills, like juking the hunters, learning when to traverse, etc.

Decent players are going to play well. That’s why I advised practice against bots first. They’re not as good as people, often, but they can help you develop a rhythm to your playing. You really just don’t have nearly enough playtime into the game yet to be worrying about just being bad at the game. When you come across good players, it might be good to try to add them and learn from them, rather than fret about how badly you lost?


First off. I’d like to REALLY thank you for paying so much attention to my topic which is just full of complaining you’re a top notch person.

Maybe you’re right about the meta way of looking at it but despite my best attempts to ration and use all of my abilities to gain as much ground as possible and trying to juke and change directions and what not and I still get consistently surrounded and domed several times per stage. Maybe I’m just paranoid but that should be highly unlikely for anyone but players that are very familiar with most routes and paths. Am I wrong to make that assumption? This is why map knowledge is stressing me so much. It also feels like if I drop bellow half health during stage 2(which is very common) a win is impossible because even with stage 3 and full armor I don’t have the meat to tank all their damage till I kill them.

I usually play like 1,2 bot matches to get familiar with mechanics in every game but I can’t stand playing like 10 games per character VS AI it just bores me. I didn’t intend to take the game seriously and it feels like if I want to be anything but gutter trash I need to take it extremely seriously.

Bottom line I’m just going to forget about the game for a few days, let the bad taste in my mouth go away and then seriously consider if the game is worth my time.

Thank so so much again for all your attention.


It’s just the same crap all over again. First match of the day against a full pre made or so I assume because they were all on 5 game win streaks. Perfect splits constantly cornered and domed on cooldown. 3 times during stage 1 I couldn’t get a single strike on them. Tried to talk to them after game but they all left the lobby. How am I supposed to not dwell on these games and have anything but a god awful experience? There was not a single second of this match during which what I experienced could be described as enjoyment. Exactly the opposite. I’m still learning the limits of their characters and I’m playing with people that are on me an absolute 100% of the time? I know I’m making mistakes but why am I not playing with players such as myself? Where are all the noob srubs like me that don’t have any perks and have no idea what they’re doing? Is the match making bad? Is the player base smaller than advertised? Is it bad luck? I don’t know but this game has provided me with the ABSOLUTE WORST starting experience in my 13 year gaming career.