New Player Looking For Help [PS4]


I am new to both the forum and Evolve. I bought the game today for my PS4 and would love to get into this game. I am fully aware that it is not a new game but regardless it grabbed my attention. I’m not sure what role I want to play or which one will fit me best. Does anybody want to teach me a thing or two and play the game with me? If so add my username, HawkMoon11. Also as a side question, I have ten dollars to spend and I’m thinking about giving it to this game… What hunter/monsters should I buy? I just want one that is fun to be honest!

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What version of the game did you buy? And welcome to the Forums!


Welcome first here is this

Edit: also I wouldn’t go spending money on new characters yet to you feel you find a class you love. or look into the dlc some more.


Just the standard sadly, but it will do


Hello and

#Welcome to the forums!

If you can rely on people, you should consider playing as a hunter, if not, Monster could be for you!

Depending on what you consider yourself, the tips we could offer can vary and might be a lot to remember for each one, such as hearing Monsters sniff or Behemoth’s tongue grab able to locate invis hunters.


Then wait out to buy DLC. See if you truly like the game or not. If you do, I’d suggest the first season pass.


My psn is Girq_
Usually for beginners I always recommend evacuation against a bot. It’s easier learning the mechanics through there without much frustration. Quick play monsters usually wreck randoms so I recommend not starting there till you have the full understanding of the game. I wouldn’t mind helping if anything I’d be happy to.


That’s great! I would love to hear others outlooks! I can rely on other people.


Thank you very much! I didn’t know this game had bots, so I will definitely keep look into that first!


Playing Evolve as a Hunter is pretty tough, but very rewarding.

This is a team game where if one person does not do their job correctly, the whole team will fall apart pretty fast.

I would recommend starting out as playing Assault or Trapper, and carefully observe the other classes. The bots are pretty reliable team mates when they aren’t derping around, so You’ll see A medic and support playing pretty well well as bots.

Just to give you a heads up and put the classes into perspective

Medic: Keeps team alive and going. The traditional “support” role if you’re used to MOBAS

Trapper: Impairs the monster’s movement and tracks down the monster.

Assault: Primary Damage dealer.

Support: Truly a wildcard, allows the rest of the team to do their jobs better. This class is the second primary source of damage.

Im a pretty decent Medic, so If ya need some Medic or Gorgon (monster) tips, Id be able to help ya out.
Psn is Zetrocci



I would recommend if you’re planning to be a Hunter to start off as Assault. It’s a good class to start with and while still being important class, it’s slightly more straight forward. You shoot the Monster lol and you might get less salt for not knowing the class mechanics from people who have been playing the game for quite a while.

My number one tip, use a MIC!
If you run into someone with a mic that’s been playing for a while, you can ask them for tips and such.

Second, Quickplay is the mode you want to play in. It’s the casual mode while Hunt (which is actually Hunt 2.0) is the ranked play. Quickplay cycles through Hunt, Arena and Defend game modes.

Feel free to click Solo too and you can explore maps and check out the different characters and such. Setting up Solo games is also the best way to “farm” masteries for characters

EDIT: I also added PS4 to the title of your post so it might attract some forum members who play on that console :slightly_smiling:


Thanks alot!!! The medic sounds really fun, trapper sounds even better, and support is what I like playing in MOBAS. That is simply because support is the silent and unnoticed role until it disappears. The assault sounds boring, or at least that rewarding and isn’t my playstyle for sure! The monster seems cool but I like communication and working with a team… I will for sure add you soon though!


Thank you for the edit and tips!!! I always use a mic, and I might try assault if he is easy to learn.


Heh. Support is actually the most noticed class in Evolve, simply that they are a mix of high utility and damage.
(They also tend to be the hottest topic about balance most of the time)

Like one Can shield and block damage and then call an Oribital Strike that makes Assault’s and monsters wet their pants. Thats Hank

Or the next can Give your Jetpack steroids and make you fly around like a ninja, and then switches to a mini-nuke launcher. Thats Sunny

And another that can completely make the monster’s armor disapear so your team can do permanent damage to the monster, all while teleporting her team around. Thats Kala

IMO, Support is probably one of the harder roles to play effectively, but everyone will notice the God-like Hank player :hank_cute:


Welcome to the forums!
I hope you enjoy your time here :blush:

I could share a stellar amount of tricks and tips and personal preferences of mine.
I would happy to answer any and all questions you may have! ^^

You can message me on the forum anytime :blush:

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Welcome to the forums! Tomorrow is the one year anniversary for Evolve so it’s kind of funny you bought it now. It’s always nice to see new players. I would say you should get both season passes since they’re both really good. It would have been better if you got the ultimate edition but it’s okay. Definitely get the season passes though.


Wow thanks!!! I don’t have any questions yet, but when I do I will for sure ask!

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UPDATE: I am really enjoying assault because the weapons are epic. It is alot harder to play medic and support, but I’m sure I’ll improve. I always find myself a little ahead of the group, by like ten steps don’t worry, so I feel like I should be playing tracker. I always spotted the monster first and I feel like I have some insane beginners luck because I haven’t lost since I started playing today.

The monsters just aren’t my thing, but I do love their designs. I played a game as the behemoth and won, only because the medic kept dying to plants and things like that. The assault kept going afk and tracks/support couldn’t 2 man it.

So in conclusion, I think I should play tracker. Hopefully one of them has a cool weapon like the assaults do. The arc mines where epic but, clearly a trapper won’t have one of those sadly. I will keep on playing this game and I will for sure visit the forums regularly and send friend requests to all the great people on my topic.

Thanks again,


Hey, I’m pretty much always up for evolve if you ever want to practice stuff or learn something. PSN is Terry_Locke

Feel free to add me or shoot me a message


Thanks alot! I definitely will