New Player Issue


So I got this game a couple weeks ago and up until recently have really enjoyed it. I’ve ran across a certain Hunter strategy a couple times that seems to ruin the fun and may possibly be unfair. I could be wrong on the unfair part because i’m new and maybe im just not seeing the counter. I’m hoping some of you more experienced Monsters can give me some tips on how to handle this but even then the strategy still sucks the fun out of the game for me.

First I use Behemoth. The game starts and instead of hunting me the hunters just run straight to the power relay and camp . It ruins the fun because who wants to walk around killing wildlife and eating without anyone even trying to kill you. Then after you get done being bored you get to the power relay to find the hunters spread out and as high up as possible while making sure at least two of them have a line of sight of the relay. How do you counter this? I hope I’m missing something because i just don’t see a way. If I go for the power relay i can’t even attack it while they shoot me since for some insane reason that stops you from doing damage to it. Going for the hunter doesn’t seem to work out well either. Now this may not be the case with all maps but the ones I was on had very high spots which allowed for a good view of seemingly every route to them. You can sneak some but at a certain point its to open and they see you. Now your getting blasted while trying to climb up to one and he’s obviously just going to jetpack away from you way before you reach him. Its to high for tongue grab or fissure from ground. I couldn’t get within striking distance at all. The timer isn’t on my side so what are you suppose to do in that situation? Thanks in advance for any help.


Maps name would be helpfull.I haven’t heard of any map having such high spots that hunters can go that they are out of reach of Monster skills.


For Bob, use Lava Bomb and Tongue Grab and punish them for trying to be up top. You can use Damage Bonus or Cool Down Rate for your perk.


And this.I’m pretty sure they can’t be high enough for Lava Bomb.


I can’t remember the map but two of them were on what looks like a skinny corn silo. There skinny and tall and at the top theres only about enough room for one hunter to stand on.


High places are bobs weakness. But for a counter, he’s got insane damage against single hunters. Lava bomb will work well at getting them off their perch. Tongue grab and fissure should hit if you’re close enough and have enough points. I’m not trying to play the blame game but maybe your aim just wasn’t that great? Either way, bomb them to get them to move, throw up a wall separating the other hunters, and go to town on the one that is left.


Ok lava bomb is helpful but still if you do that from a distance it does some damage they heal it since im sure the medic is already in a good spot so im not sure that’d even chase him off the spot.


Really gotta use the rock wall in that case. It sounds like they were spread out to cover each other. 2-3 points in wall should be plenty to block them off for enough time to punish the lone ranger


yeah they were spread out in a way to cover each other for sure. I mean they had how many minutes to get ready while i evolved. is this a common strategy? if its counterable thats cool but it doesn’t help the fact it totally ruins the fun.


Don’t evolve to stage 3. Behemoth can struggle at power relay fights so this is why the hunters are choosing to fight you there with zero health strikes.

So instead just get to stage 2 with full armor and take the fight straight to them. Catch them off guard and you should get an easy incap, which will then put the fight heavily in your favor.

Unless I’m low on health or the match timer is going to expire I never go Stage 3 with Behemoth; stage 2 is more than enough to wreck faces.

My typical stage 2 build is… 1 lava, 1 tongue grab, 2 fissure, 2 rock wall


In my experience it isn’t that common. It’s not unheard of, but it’s definitely not popular.