firstly: that forum needs a structure

main part:
I play this game since the day it got free2play on steam.
Really great game so far, thumbs up d(@_@)d

I play mainly the support role secondly the assault and on 3 place i have the monster.
Out of all my matches about 25% was monster matches i woud say.
And i really have to say they need a buff somehow.I know, an experienced player
coud make this devastating for the hunters, but when i face in a monster hunters that know
the game mechanics and how their role has to be used i feel like a punshingball.
Vice versa i feel like i beating up a sandbag when playing as a hunter with a capable team
and facing a non veteran monster player.
I dont know what woud be the best for the monster but these are the thoughts that came into my mind at first:

1st: make the planet scanner from the trapper have a cooldown at the start of the match for maybie 1:50-2:00 mins.
This way you prevent the monster beeing tracked down right from the start and make the round more intresting
for both parties.The hunters woud be in the role of real hunters for a specific time,experience the real hunt by tracking down the monster like it was meant to be in the trailers a year ago.
The monster woud get the chance to make use of its sneaking skill, given the chance to lay false traps or hide
on a high ground watching the hunters pass by.
Imo the game woud hughly benefit from this, given the time window not too big but also not so shortl that running
nonstop away from the startpoint like a maniac is the only option for the monter.

2nd: I really had the feeling that the monster need a buff in the damage it deals.The health and armor of it
are totally ok because i feel like i can take quiet a beating before going down.Even on not evolved level.
But the damage feels not impacting enough to can scare a team of the kind of players i mentioned (non-noobs)

That is everything i have to complain about, otherwise really great entertaining game


1-2 Minutes is pretty significant with how the pacing of the game works now. I do like the idea of going back to the roots of how hunting use to be but that would require a lot of balancing since all that time gives the monster a huge advantage if he sets them afoot and the hunters are still waiting.

And for the damage the monster does, what stages would you be referring to? The damage is fine is at is throughout and as long as nobody get’s caught out stage 1 they should not be able to get more damage that early since they can wipe a team with that mistake on the hunters.

That\s my opinions however.


Why do I feel like you’re secretly flipping me off with this?