New Player 1st Impressions and Feedback


For a variety of life reasons I have only been able to pick up Evolve (Xbox One) within the past few weeks).

As such I am a new player who has barely managed to reach Rank 10. Everything I say here is, as such, a reflection of my experience so far. I have not read any of these forums or seen any communication whatsoever from the Devs, 2K or anyone else. In that way, this is my “naked” feedback without an agenda or persuaded by anyone’s opinions but my own.

Before I get into it, a note:

I had followed the development of Evolve as much as I could. There are few games that I was thrilled by the idea of. Both Left 4 Deads were awesome and the idea of a feasible asymmetric game overjoyed me.
I got to play maybe 2 matches in one of the Alphas but they didn’t last long enough to form any sort of opinion.

I mention this so that everything you know that everything you read comes from the perspective of an early support and fervent believer.

In fact, I purchased this game on release day even though I knew I would not be able to play it for another month at least. I convinced my brother on the other side of the country to buy it as well.

And 2 weeks ago I finally was able to open the package, sit down, and play.

This is my feedback.

Never has there ever been a more misleading label than “Hunt.”

This is not hunting. This is running around in f****** circles for 20min straight. If our ancestors ever “hunted” this way we would never have survived long enough for you to make this game. “Hunt” implies Hide-and-Seek…strategy, tactics, coordination, a game of chess between man and beast. This is like playing tag with a dog who’s stolen a slab of steak off the grill. Seriously, why the hell am I running around so much? Where are my blinds? Where are the traps I can set? Where is the den this thing has to retreat to in order to recuperate (evolve)? Where are the prey I can stalk, knowing this thing is going to have to eat at some point?

Please notify me whenever you get rid of the jet packs. Seriously I probably won’t play again until you ditch that s***. Never has a game aspect been so annoying.
What intern came up with the idea that the following abilities:
-climb any one of the 40 bajillion cliff faces there are in each map
-have any semblance of speed
…should all be tied to the same resource? Give me a grappling hook and an ATV and I’ll show you where you can stick your jet pack. I mean, come on, if you want us to mindlessly run in circles for the length of the entire game, at least make it fun.

I am not even going to get into the imbalance between monster types and the starting “Hunter” types. Yea, real cool trying to catch up to your struggling teammates with such horrible gas mileage on your jet pack, only to have that flying tentacle porn thing shoot s*** that knocks you back even further (and you can’t dodge because you used all your fuel to get there in the first place). I’m sure some other class has something that can negate that but I don’t care to so through 9000 rounds of this crap to get to it.

So that’s how I feel. I managed to get home early in a Friday with time to myself, cracked open a cold one and sat down to play. 25min later when I actually get into a match (I am not exaggerating, I started my stopwatch after prob 10 min of just sitting there) I could only stomach it for two rounds before deciding to go work in the yard before the Mrs. got home. True story. Hunting grubs and weeds is actually more fun than this game in its current state.

Now, I am positive person and always feel it is appropriate to provide actionable feedback and constructive criticism rather than just being a griping pest. As such, here are my suggestions for how to make Evolve playable, let alone enjoyable, let alone the game it should and deserves to be, let alone something that actually catches on with the public:

  1. each monster type can only feed off of certain critters. That way, there is some actual cerebral power being used on both ends. Now the Monster actually feels like a living creature on a mission as opposed to just some mindless thingy plowing through anything that moves. “Hunters” will now actually employ, ya know, actual hunting techniques and can choose to lie in wait near one of the herds of prey to try and catch the monster

  2. each monster type has a certain type of environment (den) where it needs to go to evolve and/or restore armor. Like #1 above, this then adds an element of strategy to both sides of the equation. Do the Hunters (no quotes because they would actually be hunting now) go straight for the lair, hoping to lay a trap for the Monster? Does the Monster risk going for the objective (see #3) while still stage 1? Perhaps the Kraken needs to submerge in a pool of liquid. The lava ball things needs a subterranean layer. Goliath needs heat…

Wow. Actual strategy.

  1. the map objective(s) need to appear based on time rather than monster stage. And instead of being a generator all the time, maybe Change it up a bit. Make it an electric fence protecting civilians where the battery has only 10min of juice left. Speaking of juice…maybe the kraken thing can get buffs if it draws power from nodes (Ike that thing needs any more power, but you get the idea)

  2. each “Hunter” needs to be able to do some form of the four abilities in some way, shape, or form. There is nothing worse than being a medic and no one is hurt. Or being assault and being the only one on the same side of the map as the monster with no way of catching it (especially cuz your ******* jet pack has no ******* fuel). I am not saying make everyone completely even. Not at all. I like games with classes. But these “Hunter” class abilities are so extreme it’d be like playing Team Fortress 2 where only one class could jump. Battlefield where only Assault got a gun. And so forth.

Maybe the Assault flamethrower can lay down a wall of flame to trap the monster. Maybe support can talk to the drop ship to get some aerial surveillance. Maybe the medic can lure critters or the monster with tasty healing gel. Or poison things. Maybe the tracker can pick out certain flora or fauna that have soothing (healing) properties…

I am not going to harp on how bad the servers or net code is that prevents you from getting into any matches in a timely manner, if at all, because I know you are aware of just how horrendous it is. If not, than turn in your computers and go live in the woods because you should be ashamed to be associated with the tech world.

Those are just some of the ideas that leap out at me for how to make Evolve the experience it should be, rather than the convoluted, frustrating and just plain BORING experience that it currently is. If it comes off harsh, good. You are paying attention. I am deliberately being harsh to make you realize what sorts of things you need to start doing to make this game worth people’s time, let alone money. And I am believer. I wish nothing but the best for you, the Devs, your studio, and the company that green lighted this idea. I want you to succeed. I genuinely do, heck I am even willing to pay you more to prove it, so long as you prove you listen and can implement some of these types of ideas.

I want you to succeed. I need you to succeed. Heck the gaming world needs you to succeed to prove that creativity and originality are worth investing in on all sides rather than Call of Duty 9.3.

Please heed my words and please, please, please fix this game.

Most sincerely,



What game are you playing?



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I suggest you put more time in before you tear the game down. Level 10 is how many games?

In the end, maybe it won’t be for you, but come on. Give it a chance, huh?


He does have some good points, I understand his rage on jetpack fuel entirely, it;s just something I’ve adjusted to.

So far you and me haven’t responded sarcastically at all @WidowMakerSCOUT and for that I respect you, I wonder if the any of the other evolve crazed nuts will respond in the same manner or not…


Shit. I’m slipping.


Did our ancestors just mindlessly followed their prey around? No, they cut it off, lured it in, ambushed it, etc etc
Same thing in Evolve, you don’t mindlessly follow tracks. Tracks lead you to a certain area, you can then decide how you’re going to approach this area. Will you do a split to finding him faster, but risk getting caught out alone (or in a small group), or letting your team push in with the trapper staying a bit behind to catch the monster as he’s running from the other 3 hunters?

All of the tier 2 hunters can easily be unlocked by playing for a few hours easily.
Same goes for tier 3 once you’ve unlocked tier 2.

This is called “jetpack management”. You don’t use it to get close to the monster (in domes for example) but rather save it so you can get away from him if he focuses you or uses an ability on you.

This is due to you being a new player. Most people that actively play this game, have been doing so for a while and have leveled up alot. (but I do agree you shouldn’t be “punished” like this for being a newer player)

I will not comment on your suggestions, as I don’t like them personally and it would most likely just cause a flamewar.


This is me giving it a chance. Hence why I took the time on a Friday evening to put my thoughts down in the most concise, constructive manner possible.

The simple truth is that I find Evolve boring. And that is ancient-Greek level tragedy because of how neat the concept is and hoe much hope I had (have?) for the game.

But I did not come to argue (unless this is the argument clinic…), rather to simply state my honest opinion since that is what should be most useful to the Devs and community at large. If I wasn’t giving this game a chance you would not be hearing from me at all and it would another copy sitting on s GameStop shelf.

I leave you with this thought: take away the sci-fi setting and place it a realistic setting, say, present day African savannah. What would this game then look like? More importantly, how would it play? 4 Hunters vs 1 Lion? (Like “Ghost in the Darkness” perhaps?) A radically different game for sue and not simply because of the lack of spaceships.


Good stuff, still constructive and not a single sarcastic comment added, I like this

(I’m just doing this because I’m just ready to blow up in the faces of those people once they come in)


I’m gonna dissect the post when I get home.


And we’re off…


so what you want to do is make the difficulty of the monster to evolve spike . . . thereby knocking it from its current around 50% win rate to probably 75% hunter? sure go ahead i TOTALLY want this games entire fan base to be eliminated by one person who thinks there isnt enough mind in this game

i have said this alot but i will say it again this game is only as boring as the players allow it to be


While I agree that the game is less hunting and more a game of tag with cover and obstacles, I disagree with your criticisms of the jetpacks and the class system. The game is futuristic and jetpacks fit perfectly, and give a form of strategy in the decisions of when to use your fuel, do use it to keep up or do you predict and cut off the monster so you are full to dodge in fight. However the idea of vehicles for the actual cross map hunt/chase movement is brilliant if it could be wisely implimented. The classes however are already quite versatile, just not obvious in that way. The only low damage class is medic, and currently it (almost) takes a team working as oh idk… a team… to take down a good monster. The game really needs multiple modes that cater to the different audiences. There are plenty who already get bored with the amount of combat and ask for more ways to force the monster to engage. At the same time there are plenty (including myself) who think there are too many ways for the monster to be found and to know exactly where it is, nearly eliminating stealtth and stalking your prey a viable option for the monster. I never quite understood why, with graphics these days, the footprints glow instead of being left in terrain…or why there are ways to see an outline of the monster through walls. It is currently very much possible to track the monster due to destroyed terrain, but how many use this feature?? The game has its super fast paced action junky easily bored audience, and its “hunt” mentality audience. And in my humble opinion, the game will be, in the eyes of many (not myself evolve is one of my favorite games), mediocre until those two audiences can have their own modes that fit their mindset; instead of this half fast paced half slow methodical hide seek hunt blend of gameplay.


Don’t do that.


Ah, I’m willing to give it a pass, at least he posted a humorous pic


Very true. Love that meme.


I find that you have to really get into the game and meet a team of people for Evolve to be really fun. Just keep playing. Some of the stuff you’re complaining about, like jetpacks, classes, and the environment, you’ll get used to eventually and find that they make the game what it is. The hunters are meant to be slower than the monster, even with jetpacks- you have to cut him off. And a word on the “terrible gas mileage of the jetpack”- use it minimally while traveling. Cut the monster off, trap him in a corner of the map, and, especially against kraken, you’ll have a full tank for dodging with.


This may be my favorite thread ina while. KEEP IT UP GUYS 18 POSTS IN AND NO INSULTS IN.


You smell like fresh Gravy. How about THAT for an insult !?

In all seriousness tho, I hope my post was a bit of help to OP ?


It was, I’m personally glad we aren’t treating the new guy improper in any way.